Mattress Review: Naturepedic Mini Crib Mattress


Are you looking for an organic small crib mattress for your child but don’t know where to begin? Naturepedic is one of the most well-known organic mattress companies. I’ll give you a summary of the Naturepedic small crib mattress in this post. I’ll also explain why I believe it’s the finest organic small crib mattress on the market right now.

While there are lots of organic crib mattresses available for full-size cribs, tiny cribs are hard to come by.

A tiny crib is a fantastic choice whether you live in a small apartment or just want to keep things cozy. You may offer your child the greatest opportunity for a good sleep by adding an organic small crib mattress. Not to mention providing Mom and Dad with complete piece of mind.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for an organic small crib mattress. I’ll explain why I believe the Naturepedic small crib mattress is the finest of the group in this post. (When your child gets older, Naturepedic is also in my top 5 recommendations for the best organic kids mattress!)

Naturepedic Makes the Best Organic Mini Crib Mattress

First and foremost, congratulations on your decision to purchase an organic small crib mattress. That’s fantastic news, and I believe you’ve taken a significant step in providing a secure and healthy sleep environment for your child.

What Makes Naturepedic A Great Option

Then there’s the bad news. In comparison to full-size mattresses, there are less options for organic small crib mattresses. And, in my opinion, when it comes to organic small crib mattresses, there is truly just one option.

In some ways, the dearth of options is beneficial, since having fewer options makes your work easier.

Nonetheless, it’s worth thinking about why I prefer the Naturepedic small baby mattress. And why I believe you will as well.

A lot of it, in my opinion, has to do with openness.

If you’re looking for an organic small baby mattress, you’ll almost certainly run across greenwashing.

There are a lot of firms out there that claim their tiny crib mattresses are organic or non-toxic, but they aren’t. Mattress coverings are frequently made from organic cotton, and thus the entire mattress is labelled as organic (even though they fill it with the same old bad stuff that had you furiously Googling best organic mini crib mattress in the first place).

Isn’t it terrifying?

What you see is what you get with Naturepedic. They’re very open and honest about what goes into their mattresses, and whether you enjoy it and decide to buy it or not is due to the fact that you were given all of the information and made an informed decision.

Plus, Naturepedic is based in the United States. Their mattresses, in fact, are manufactured by Amish artisans.

Of course, just because they’re manufactured in the United States doesn’t mean they’re inherently safer or of higher quality than something made in China. But knowing where they’re manufactured and that they must adhere to US labour and environmental laws makes me feel better.

And, wherever feasible, I try to support local companies. Which seems like a more straightforward option these days, given the state of the economy and China’s recent behaviour.

Finally, I believe (though I cannot be certain) that purchasing anything manufactured in the United States will have a lower carbon footprint than purchasing something made elsewhere, at least in terms of shipping.

You get the same quality and peace of mind when you buy a Naturepedic mini crib mattress as when you buy any of their other products. And a large part of that piece of mind stems from the fact that Naturepedic doesn’t want us to blindly trust them. They really enlist the help of other parties to verify that what they say is accurate.

  • Their information has been confirmed. Naturepedic’s basic components are certified organic and non-GMO confirmed. Organic Exchange Certification 100 Organic Content Standard is met by their organic products. They also buy from USDA-certified suppliers.
  • The MADE SAFE accreditation has been given to the Naturepedic small crib mattress. This is one of the most stringent non-toxic certificates I’ve ever seen. When you see the MADE SAFE label on a product, it implies it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are known or suspected to harm people.
  • It’s also GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning it’s been independently proven to have extremely low VOC emissions, making it safe for indoor air quality.
  • It has been certified to be free of formaldehyde.
  • It complies with CPSC guidelines.

Is It Really Organic

The goods from Naturepedic aren’t entirely natural (if you define natural to mean made from un-engineered and unprocessed products).

But, when it comes to selecting the finest tiny crib mattress, I don’t believe that’s a terrible thing.

What’s more, here’s why:

In the bed, babies and toddlers have accidents. Just in case you didn’t get my euphemism for “accidents,” I’m talking about urine, crap, and vomit.

Those liquids will soak deep into the depths of your child’s mattress because it is made entirely of natural materials. And they’re just going to get worse.

To be honest, you’ll need some type of waterproofing for your baby’s small crib mattress to keep it clean and avoid mold and mildew growth (which you don’t want your child sleeping near).

The Naturepedic small crib mattress is made with non-GMO sugarcane waterproofing that is safe and non-toxic.

The tiny crib mattress core is also made of several completely artificial and unorganic elements.


Instead of innerspring coils or foam, the Naturepedic small baby mattress employs wavesupportTM.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. To produce the waves, Naturepedic utilizes food-grade polyethylene plastic (recycling code #1 or #2). PET, also known as PETE, is one of the safest polymers available, and it’s even used in surgery to transplant blood arteries. 

WavesupportTM has a significant weight advantage over innersprings. It’s a lot easier for you to lift while changing the sheets, which is especially crucial when the tiny crib is set to the lowest mattress height. WavesupportTM has the advantage of foam in that it is non-toxic and extremely safe for your child.

Waterproofing and Fireproofing

As previously said, the Naturepedic small crib mattress is waterproof, which in my opinion is excellent news.

You might be wondering, though, how they do it without using hazardous chemicals.

When it comes to waterproofing, many businesses go for PVC, which is a bad choice. PVC’s safety has been called into doubt by a slew of studies, particularly when it’s utilized in baby mattress coverings and pads.

PVC is not used in the manufacture of Naturepedic small crib mattresses. Instead, they’ve developed a sugarcane-derived food-grade polyethylene that’s non-GMO sugarcane!

You know how some restaurants utilize plant-based biodegradable plastics for takeaway containers? When I’m trying to wrap my brain around sugarcane plastic, that’s what I envision.

Investing in waterproof small crib mattresses has the obvious advantage of safeguarding your baby from the unknown substances he or she will discharge.

It’s also a good idea to keep dust mites out and prevent mold and mildew from growing in the mattress as a result of the humidity in the air.

Fire Safety

You may also be aware of flame retardant chemicals used in tiny baby mattresses.

Don’t worry, Naturepedic mattresses don’t contain any fire retardants.

They adhere to fire safety regulations by carefully selecting the materials they employ.

When the components in their tiny crib mattress come into touch with a flame, they will smolder rather than exploding into flames. As a result, the Naturepedic small crib mattress complies with fire safety regulations while avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals.

Other Materials In The Naturepedic Mini Crib Mattress

This small baby mattress is packed with organic cotton batting and wrapped with an organic cotton cover, in addition to the wavesupportTM core and sugarcane-derived waterproofing.

PLA is used by Naturepedic in addition to organic cotton. PLA is another non-GMO sugarcane-derived plant-based substance.

About Naturepedic

Barry A Cik, a quarter-century veteran in the field of environmental engineering, established Naturepedic. Barry started on the hunt for a good baby cot mattress in preparation of his first grandchild. Unfortunately, he found all of the crib mattress options to be utterly unsatisfactory, and he was stunned by the state of the business. “I understood all there was to know about vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, and the numerous chemicals included in it, and there was no way I was putting my grandson to sleep within a few inches of these poisons.”

Barry then went out to acquire an organic baby crib mattress that would fit his needs. “All organic infant crib mattresses on the market included latex, wool, or both, and were not waterproof… if the mattress got wet, mildew and fungus would form, and there was no way to clean it effectively. Given their known allergic characteristics, the wool/latex problem left a lot to be desired.” “The organic baby mattresses were little more than miniature adult beds, which made no sense for babies,” Barry says.

Barry and his two sons set out to found Naturepedic, an organic and non-toxic baby crib mattress company dedicated to providing parents with a better option – the first and only waterproof organic baby crib mattress designed with a safe food grade polyethylene cover that eliminates the potentially harmful chemicals that Barry was so familiar with.

Other Organic Mini Crib Mattress Options

As I already stated, there aren’t many alternative options available. Unfortunately, several of my other favourite companies (My Green Mattress, Soaring Heart, Naturalmat, and Brentwood Home) do not offer a small crib mattress.

If you don’t like the Naturepedic small for any reason, I recommend the Nook Pebble Pure Mini as an alternative.

Give your child the finest of everything: organic, waterproof, and breathable clothing. Helps keep your infant safe from hazardous chemicals, flame retardants, and sanitary issues while providing a healthy and practical approach to breathability.

For a safe, healthy, and sanitary baby mattress, it combines breathability and waterproofing. The mattress begins with a firm, flat waterproof surface made of non-GMO sugarcane that is so pure it satisfies food contact regulations and washes off effortlessly. The interior of the mattress is protected from pee, spit-up, and other messes using this method. Then, for enhanced airflow, add a 3-dimensional cover with a soft organic cotton surface.

This one-of-a-kind cover provides a breathing area beneath the infant, helping to regulate temperature and allowing the baby to breathe straight through the sleep surface if necessary. The cover also has a waterproof backing, so there’s no need for a separate waterproof pad. It’s made entirely of organic cotton fabric and stuffing, and it meets all federal and state flammability requirements without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or flame barriers. Maintain a healthy, hygienic, organic small crib mattress design while getting all the safety features you need, including breathability.

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