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The Phil and Teds Traveller travel crib is one of the most lightweight, small, and portable travel cribs available. We had to question if the makers compromised usefulness to keep the weight down at barely 6 lbs. This evaluation is based on 6 months of personal use – keep reading to see what we think and how it fared in our own trip tests.

The Phil and Teds Traveller travel crib is one of the most lightweight, small, and portable travel cribs available. We had to question if the makers compromised usefulness to keep the weight down at barely 6 lbs. This evaluation is based on 6 months of personal use – keep reading to see what we think and how it fared in our own trip tests. The mattress boasts a unique self-inflating mechanism, is thermally insulated for comfort, and is “free of health-hazardous substances,” with an oeko-tex certified polyester mattress sheet. The self-inflating mattress is really convenient to use, and the supplied carry bag makes it simple to travel. One of the Traveller’s finest characteristics is its weight: under 6 pounds (2.8kg)! When fully built, it measures 46′′L x 31′′W x 24.8H”. This is especially useful for long-distance travel.

We love this travel cot and recommend it for families travelling by airplane especially. It’s lightweight, compact, and pretty easy to use. Keep reading for a more detailed review or learn more on Amazon.

Traveller Crib Introduction

The Traveller features a lightweight aluminum frame that is easily foldable. Building up the frame is similar to setting up a tent in that you must begin with the tent poles (though it takes far less time in my experience)! This is a crucial component in making this a lightweight and portable option that’s ideal for travel and packing. The crib folds up extremely little when the legs are removed.

The aluminum legs feature strong elastic loops that connect to the side panels of the Traveller with robust plastic feet. When built and upright, the Traveller is extremely robust because to this structure. The sides are made of polyester and nylon. The top crib border (frame) is wrapped in thick nylon, while the breathable side panels are made of synthetic mesh.

In all climates, the mesh is an excellent feature since it provides for ventilation and circulation throughout the crib (ventilation may be a factor in preventing SIDS).

In Mexico, we conducted some hot weather testing. This function helps keep your infant cool and provided us added piece of mind when we used it in Cabo with a 4.5-month-old baby.

The zip down side panel is another fantastic feature. The mesh panel zips entirely open on one side, allowing you easy access to the mattress level while placing your infant in the crib (or taking him or her out).

When the bed isn’t in use, the mesh folds up into a little package that fits neatly into the carry bag.

The mattress itself is one-of-a-kind. It’s “self-inflating,” so there’s no need to fiddle with air pumps (or blowing it up yourself). It also complies with all safety standards and, once inflated, is fairly firm.

The mattress is “free of health-hazardous substances,” according to the firm. Unfortunately, they do not specify the material used, which is a pity.

There’s a lot to like about the mattress sheet as well. To begin with, it’s a slip-on style, so you know it’ll fit snugly around your kid with no slack (and potentially dangerous) fabric. It’s made of polyester that’s been certified by Oeko-Tex. The wording used on phil & ted’s website isn’t very helpful in understanding how toxin-free the crib sheet is because OEKO-TEX® has several certifications.

Traveller Crib In Use

The Traveller has a solid, well-made feel about it. If we have another child or pass it on to another family, I anticipate it to survive for future children as well — it’s a well-made nursery item.

The Traveller has received a lot of negative feedback for being difficult to set up. That hasn’t been our experience. The Traveller has been released in several versions by phil & teds, and we have to question if the usability complaints are related to prior versions of the crib.

To be sure, we had to practise set-up and take-down a few times before we got the feel of it. It’s also a little more difficult to set up than a pack n’ play — it’s more like pitching a tent.

In today’s world, however, we can set up the traveller in a matter of minutes. The mattress will inflate most of the way in approximately 4 minutes, but it will take 30 minutes or longer to fill entirely. That’s great most of the time, but it’s not ideal on lengthy trips when all you want to do is get your infant to sleep.

The Traveller’s zippered side panel is one of its most useful features. The crib is too tall for me as a short mom (5’0′′). I can’t bend over the crib and reach all the way down to mattress level when the side panel is zipped up. As a result, the zip-down panel is one of the most popular features.

When she’s sitting and playing during the day, we leave the panel unzipped, which allows her to move about freely while still protecting her from falling over. It’s also helpful for getting her out of the cot when she wakes up: it makes a tremendous difference if you have back problems.

One of the most unexpected aspects of the Traveller is how cosy it looks to be.

It’s difficult to see the Traveller’s crib mattress providing adequate support for a newborn when it’s first inflated. You may easily push from the top of the mattress through to the hard floor below after 4 or 5 minutes of inflation. Yikes!

Patience is absolutely a virtue in this instance.

The mattress changes into a very nice small sleeping platform if you keep the mattress air valve open for the suggested 30 minutes (we always try to give it a little longer).

The mattress measures about 1.25′′ from the floor to the top of the mattress when completely inflated. The fully inflated mattress feels soft when you put even force on it. It doesn’t sink too far and you can’t feel the floor underneath you. A baby’s crib mattress should be firm, and the Traveller’s mattress works admirably in this regard. Despite her little stature, she is a force to be reckoned with!

We also like the mattress sheet that slips on. It is incredibly nice to the touch and fits well with no loose fabric. The cloth is also oeko-tex certified, which means it’s safe.

Packability (along with weight) was one of our key decision criteria while searching for a vacation pack n’ play.

In Europe, we fly a lot on budget flights. Frequently, the cost of our luggage exceeds the cost of our tickets. As a result, it’s worthwhile to reduce our luggage to a minimum, which is a difficulty while travelling with a newborn.

For packing, the phil & teds portable crib is ideal. It’s only 6 pounds and about the same size as a thick yoga mat in terms of size. With the addition of a portable blackout blind, our child will be able to sleep anywhere!

How Green Is The Travellers Crib

In the nations where it is sold, the Traveller satisfies official safety criteria. Unfortunately, what that implies varies on where you reside.

Whether or if phil & teds applies flame retardants to the Traveller is determined by where you purchase it.

“We can confirm that the fire retardant is only a necessity in the United Kingdom and Ireland” in Europe. We took this to indicate that if you buy a Traveller in the continental EU, it won’t come with a fire retardant. If you buy a Traveller in the United Kingdom or Ireland, it will come with a fire retardant.

Similarly, the term “oeko-tex approved” is inappropriate. The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification is a fantastic approach to ensure that textiles are free of hazardous chemicals. The issue is that Phil & Teds hasn’t stated whether or not the sheet has earned the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. The language is ambiguous, and it might be referring to another OEKO-TEX® certification. It’s also possible that they’re employing fabric that satisfies OEKO-TEX® requirements but haven’t yet received certification.

I looked for phil & teds in the OEKO-TEX® database but couldn’t locate anything. I’ve contacted both phil & teds and OEKO-TEX® for confirmation, as it’s conceivable I utilized the database improperly.

In general, we are pleased with our phil & teds traveller.

However, we are dissatisfied with the information provided by the firm on its website. There are still a lot of unanswered questions concerning the chemicals and materials used in the Traveller, and it appears that getting answers should be simpler.

The Bottom Line

  • It’s extremely light, small, and portable. It is great for aircraft travels because it is lighter than most (if not all) travel cribs on the market. We put ours in checked luggage, but you could also take it as a carry-on.
  • All parents will like the zip-down side panel, but those with poor backs or short stature will appreciate it even more.
  • It’s simple to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for short stays or frequent relocations. This would be an excellent travel cot for a multi-city vacation in Europe or a road trip, for example.
  • Despite the issues with openness, it appears that phil & teds is heading in the right direction when it comes to toxic chemicals, with an OEKO-TEX® approved fitted sheet and a mattress devoid of health-hazardous compounds.
  • A thermally insulated mattress allows you to place it on a cool floor while keeping your child at a suitable temperature.
  • It folds up into a tiny package, and the accompanying bag has a shoulder strap for convenient carrying.
  • This is a mid-range travel crib; it isn’t the cheapest, but it’s also not the most costly. It’s easy to see the benefit and justify the cost if you expect to use it frequently (as we have).
  • The mattress appears to be too thin to adequately support a baby, particularly older and heavier newborns and young children.
  • Depending on where you purchase your Traveller crib, flame retardants may or may not be included.
  • The firm isn’t exactly open when it comes to the chemicals utilized in the crib’s production. We still have a lot of doubts regarding whether or not this crib is safe.

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