How To Save Money On Baby Clothes

When having a baby on a limited budget, one of the most important things to do is plan ahead to save money on baby clothing.

Buying brand new baby clothing is so exciting, but it can get expensive quickly. When I was expecting baby #1, I bought some gender-neutral baby outfits that were almost $40 apiece (we didn’t know the gender) I was sad when he only wore the outfits a handful of times before we moved up to the next size. With my daughter, we did wear the outfits more times because she was smaller, and I loved the quality of the more expensive baby clothes but even so, I could have saved myself a lot of money. Also, did you know expensive baby clothes stain just as quickly as the cheap stuff? Laundry is no joke when it comes to babies.

Having a child is a wonderful experience. You’ve given birth to a life… a tiny human being who could grow up to do or be anything. President of the United States of America. A fantastic athlete or movie star. A well-known doctor who is capable of curing cancer or other diseases. The options are truly infinite. Unfortunately, having a child is also rather costly.

Babies cost a lot of money, from hospital expenses to diapers. According to the Huffington Post, the average cost of raising a child in the United States for 18 years is more than $245,000. Yikes!

Buying inexpensive baby clothing is one method to trim a few dollars off the price tag. Don’t assume that by buying inexpensive baby clothing, you’re condemning your child to a childhood of ill-dressiness. In fact, if you know where to look for the best affordable baby clothing, your little one may be one of the most fashionable infants in the playgroup. Here are a few of my favourite sites to shop for fashionable and affordable baby clothes. If you’re looking on how to save on other baby items, check out this baby on a budget checklist.

Saving Money On Baby Clothes

I’m not joking when I say my infants only wore their newborn clothes a few times. For me, saving money on baby clothes begins with a reluctance to buy a lot of new baby items.

This universe is brimming with adorable new baby items that will never go out of style.

However, I refused (and continue to refuse) to dress my children in shabby or soiled clothing because there is SO MUCH excellent quality baby clothing available for free or at very low prices.

So just because you’re trying to save money on baby clothing doesn’t mean your babies can’t look adorable!
After three children and seven years of dressing those three children, I can now typically outfit my children for very little money — and they still look lovely, not impoverished.

Here are some of my favourite ways to buy baby clothes for a low price!

Ask Friends and Family

Asking friends or family members if they have any items they no longer want is one of the greatest methods to get free baby clothes.

We are done having children as a family of three, but I have a room full of baby clothing in my basement waiting for someone to need them.

Buy Gender Neutral

Even if this is your first child, choose gender-neutral clothing, especially for pants, shoes, and coats, unless you are certain you will never have another.

If you’re expecting a girl, you can get some pink things, and if you’re expecting a boy, you can purchase some male designs. However, investing in gender-neutral clothing from the start will save you money in the long term.


When it comes to finding inexpensive baby clothing, Amazon is probably not the first site that springs to mind. You’d be amazed at the excellent bargains on inexpensive baby clothing you can get at this internet superstore. Furthermore, Amazon is a fantastic one-stop-shop for baby goods, and you may register for all of your baby’s requirements online using their “wish list” function.

If you’ve avoided internet purchasing in the past because of the hefty delivery costs, think again! With Amazon Prime, you may get free delivery on almost all goods (regardless of purchase size) with a $35 minimum order or free two-day shipping on nearly all products (regardless of order size).

Tip: If you’re worried about purchasing inexpensive baby clothes from Amazon and the outfit not fitting or looking the way you want it to, Amazon makes returns a breeze.

Tip: Amazon is a great place to make your baby registry too!

Moms might also check out Amazon Mom, which offers free two-day shipping and a 20% discount on diapers if you subscribe (where diapers are sent to you automatically at pre-determined times). Get your 30 day free trial here.

Amazon is all about saving money! Amazon Subscribe & Save is another method to save money while shopping at this online superstore. This function lets you to choose your favourite supermarket and home goods and have them delivered on a regular basis at a time that you choose (ex. every 3 months). Amazon will give you up to 15% off your purchase total as well as free delivery if you are a regular client and order multiple goods at the same time.

Diapers, wipes, Diaper Genie refills, and toothpaste were among the baby goods I had on Amazon Subscribe & Save for my son. Everything was already set to be delivered straight to my door, so I didn’t have to drag a huge package of diapers home from the shop or remember when to buy wipes. Furthermore, there is no commitment to continue in the programme. You have the option to cancel at any time. More information may be found here.

Wait To Buy Clothes

It might be quite tempting to start shopping for your first baby, but buying baby clothing (or other baby items) too soon is a simple way to squander money or overspend.

When you have the baby, you will most likely receive a lot of baby clothing as presents from friends and relatives.

Whether you add clothes to your baby registry or not, people will buy you them as gifts! Why? Well, it’s probably the most fun thing to purchase! 

Buying too many garments too early in your pregnancy may result in an oversupply of items you won’t be able to wear (or return, since you bought them 6 months ago).

Get Minimal

Going minimal on a baby wardrobe will save you lots of laundry – I swear. Only ten onesies, five pairs of pants/leggings, a handful of sweaters, and 4-5 pairs of pyjamas are required for a newborn. Maybe a couple of very nice outfits for photos, church, or the holidays.

Go Up A Size

You can get away with placing your child in “slightly” larger-than-they-should-be clothes at some stages (and in certain apparel items). They’ll only be big for a brief period before fitting – and you’ll get DOUBLE the time out of them.

I find that an “average” sized infant may be placed in 0-3 months and the newborn size can be skipped (they are only going to wear newborn for a month or two anyhow).

Baby doesn’t require much, other than a really adorable attire for photographs. I also found that you can go one size bigger in sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts, and kids don’t mind if they’re a bit baggy.

Go Consignment

As your infant outgrows their first set of clothes, you’ll notice that, for the most part, the clothing still appears new… As a result, take it to a consignment shop.

There are a variety of stores that allow you to resell gently worn clothing, and this is a fantastic way to save money!

Because these businesses are selective in what they accept, you can rest assured that the clothes they carry are in excellent shape.

You won’t get a lot of money for the clothes, but it’ll be better than nothing, and you may use it to buy the next size up.

There are both physical and online consignment businesses for infant clothing.

Shop At Thrift shops

You’ll have to “pick through” a bit more because the quality isn’t always as good as what you’ll discover at a consignment shop, but the prices are frequently much better – and well worth the effort spent looking for the hidden treasures!

Garage Sales

I have gotten some great deals at garage sales, particularly for more expensive goods such as winter jackets and shoes/boots. I also love getting baby toys and other baby gear at garage sales too.

Facebook Marketplace

I was raised on hand-me-downs, and my children will be raised on hand-me-downs as well. Insisting on new baby clothing is a direct insult to the earth, and it’s not so great for the bank account either. 

If you have something good that still has a lot of life left in it, tell your friends about it. There are a TON of Facebook groups dedicated to finding new homes for unwanted items.

I belong to a buy/sell club for kids and newborns, where I regularly discover great bargains.

Let your friends with children know you’re interested in exchanging, and be sure to pass along the items you have that they can use too.

Shop Clearance Sections

Most clearance sections are for products that re not in the current season, so you can use this to your advantage and stock up on super cheap baby clothes for the following year. Winter jackets, sweaters, hats and all those good things are perfect things to purchase a year ahead. In most cases, you’ll either get stuff that’s still a bit baggy which is wearable or will fit just right.

Use A Coupon

If you are shopping online, use the coupon deals offered when you sign up for the company email list. I happen to have many different email addresses all linked to the children’s place, because I love their discounts and I can purchase clothes for all three kids at a good sale price in one go.

When purchasing new items, aim to combine deals with coupons wherever feasible. This might also imply signing up for a loyalty programme to receive coupons emailed right to your inbox.

Treat Stains Right Away

So, obviously, newborns will have blowouts and spit-ups. The easiest way to salvage such garments is to invest in a decent stain remover.

Spray the cleaner on the area immediately soon and wash it. This is also crucial if you wish to use them with another child in the future. Click here to read about the best baby stain removers.

Abandon Online Cart Discounts

Whenever possible, try to combine discounts with coupons when purchasing new products. Signing up for a loyalty programme to obtain coupons delivered to your inbox is another option.
If you don’t need baby clothing right away, go to your favourite internet retailer. Add the products you desire to your cart, then proceed to your cart, where you may be required to join up or sign in using an email address.

After then, shut the window and wait a few days.

You may receive an email from that store giving you a coupon or discount to encourage you to finish your purchase.

This method isn’t foolproof, but it’s always worked for me!

You Can Save Money On Baby Clothes

To be honest, I never have trouble finding affordable baby clothing. With the exception of seasonal items such as summer shoes or snow trousers, which tend to sell out rapidly when needed.  But you’re ready for it now, and you’re getting them when they go on sale the season before.

Saving money on baby clothes — and kids’ clothes in general – is a skill that can be learned. If you do these things instead of going directly to Walmart or Carters to purchase your baby clothing, you can save a lot of money!

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