Non-Baby Household Items To Stock Up On Before Baby Arrives ( Preparing For Baby)

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Tips to prepare your home when preparing for baby with this ultimate list of items to stock up on before baby arrives.

A huge congratulations to you Mom! You’ll be meeting the light of your life in just a few short days, can you believe it’s been 9 months since you discovered you were pregnant?

You’re probably trying to think ahead these days about what you may have missed when packing for baby, and we are here to help you with the essentials for baby, for you and the home.

Trust us when we say that you will be one busy Mama when your newborn baby comes home from the hospital. Creating a stockpile of household necessities will really help you be more prepared to handle the chaos of a newborn like a seasoned pro.

Bringing baby home for first-time parents is usually a shock and with all the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn and the countless diaper changes and midnight nursing sessions, bringing baby home is not a simple thing.

Mama, you’re going to be dealing with some healing postpartum and your recovery is going to leave you with no energy, and a little bit sore, so you’re going to want to make sure your bathroom is fully stocked up on all the things you need at any time of the night.

While everyone is aware that you’ll need the clothes, diapers, and food before baby comes home, but those are the obvious must-haves. What about the not so obvious items?

The very last thing you’ll want to do is stop at the store on the way home with the baby or have to make a trip out to the shops during that first week of postpartum healing.

These household items to stock up on are a great thing to check off your to-do list when you are in the nesting stage of your pregnancy, and should probably be completed around the time you pack your hospital bag.

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What To Stock Up On Before Baby Arrives?

We know that with the looming due date you’re trying really hard to stock up on the things that you need before baby comes home and the list does go beyond the items you put onto your baby shower registry.

Before you go shop till you drop, we thought it would be helpful if you had a list of essentials that you should be shopping for before your bundle of joy arrives.

Household Items To Stock Up On Before Baby

Baby Stuff

We couldn’t have this list be complete if we didn’t ensure that you were fully stocked up on baby stuff before your baby came home. Here is what you really need to have at home before baby arrives.

Baby Grooming: You’ll want to ensure you have those nail clippers handy because some babies are born with sharp little nails and they will hurt you, so this is an essential item to you should already have in the nursery. We recommend this grooming kit which does include nail clippers, a hairbrush, and a thermometer, all things you must have at home at all times. When it comes to baby’s first bath, you’ll want a little hairbrush that is nice and gentle on baby’s soft skin. This kit has all you need for baby’s grooming needs.

Baby Washing: We are positive you’ve already got your baby bathtub and baby shampoo, but in case you haven’t, go get those things now. The first week that you bring baby home, you’ll want to give her a nice little bath, and cover her in baby lotion after to keep that skin oh so soft.

Vaseline: Vaseline is a miracle thing to have on hand when you’re postpartum. Not only can you use it on the baby’s bum when changing diapers, but you can also use it on your lips when you can’t find your lip balm and your hands when you’re just too far away from your favorite lotion.

Diapers: Believe it or not, your baby might not fit newborn diapers, and so it is a good idea to have a few different sizes of diapers on hand before the baby comes home.

Wipes: Trust us when we say you’ll want to have lots and lots of wipes on hand. You’ll be using them for bum changing as well as wiping surfaces that get messy throughout your entire house.

Formula: Even if you are planning to breastfeed, it’s not a bad idea to have a little bit of formula on hand before baby comes. You never know if there will be a challenging feeding moment in the middle of the night and you’ll have no formula as backup for baby. Spare the long night and have some formula on hand.

Pacifiers: Have your non-toxic pacifiers handy and ready to go in many parts of your home, because you never know which room you’ll be in and need a paci real quick.

Diaper Cream: Babies develop diaper rashes really quickly so ensure you have a few tubs of cream at your disposal. You can always use Vaseline if you don’t have diaper cream, but this cream is our favourite.

Postpartum Care

You’re going to want to make sure you have all the things you’ll need at home for yourself when you bring baby home. Postpartum isn’t very pretty, but you can make it easier by having some of the essentials at home for a speedy recovery.

Peri-bottle: The hospital may, or may not provide you with one of these, but it’s a good idea to have one in each bathroom of your home.

Perineal Spray: Maybe you haven’t heard of this miracle spray, but it’s a lifesaver for the hoo-ha. You can use it for pain relief before and after childbirth too and it’s organic to boot.

Tucks Pads: Childbirth will leave you with some burning and itching, and these Tucks pads can help relieve some of that discomfort.

Stool Softener: Pooping postpartum is a very uncomfortable subject, and it may be a painful thing so stool softeners are going to be a must have item for postpartum care.

Disposable Mesh Underwear: They aren’t beautiful, but they will be lifesaving when the hospital doesn’t let you bring extra underwear home with you! This disposable underwear will save your regular underwear from needing to be thrown in the garbage.

Granny Panties: Large and comfortable underwear is going to be your best friend when you’re all done with the disposable mesh ones. Postpartum bleeding lasts weeks, and you’re going to want to be comfortable through that entire time.

Pads: You’re going to need lots of pads! Most women have no idea how much bleeding will happen after delivery and you’re going to need about 6 weeks’ worth of pads.

Cleaning Supplies

Yes your home will still have to be cleaned after baby arrives and you’re going to want to make this as easy as possible by making sure you have all the supplies needed to be able to just clean as you go.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner: You’ll want a few bottles of multipurpose cleaner on hand, this one is a good one.

Laundry Soap: You’ll be going through lots of clothing between you and the baby so make sure you have plenty of baby detergent on hand. You can get special detergent for baby items if you like, we like this one.

Dish Washing Tabs/Dish Soap: The last thing you want is to be out of dishwashing detergent or soap, especially if you have bottles to wash!

Trash Bags: Garbage bags, recycling bags, compost bags, all the bags.. make sure you’re stocked up!

Wool Dryer Balls: Dryer sheets are dangerous for baby clothing, so it’s a nice idea to have some wool balls around for the baby stuff.

Cleaning Wipes: Whether you’re Clorox or Lysol fans, it’s never too much trouble to be able to quickly disinfect your countertops and other frequently used surfaces as a busy new mom.

Paper Towel: Paper towels are easy to use and throw away, and there will be a lot of things for you to quickly wipe up, so you cannot have too much paper towel with a newborn baby in the house.


Along with your postpartum items, you’ll want to have a bathroom that has everything you need to stock up on before baby arrives.

Toilet Paper: With all the bleeding you’ll go through, you can never have too much toilet paper.

Shower Supplies: You’re going to want to have your shampoo, body wash and conditioner all fully stocked before baby comes because you never know when you’ll get a chance to shower and you do not want to be out of shampoo when you finally get that chance.

Toothpaste: Self-care will be a little bit of an uphill battle, and you won’t want to be out of toothpaste during this critical time, especially when people are constantly visiting the new baby!

Dry Shampoo: did we mention it may be difficult to get a shower in edgewise when you have a newborn? Dry shampoo will become a great friend.


Tylenol: Have some on hand for you and baby. You’re going to go through a lot of sleepless nights and your head will thank you for having Tylenol around.

Gripe Water: Gripe water can help relieve a baby’s tummy discomfort, and you don’t want to run to the pharmacy in the middle of the night for this, so it’s a good idea to have it on hand.

Prenatal Vitamins: Keep taking these! They will keep you strong and provide baby with nutrients if you’re breastfeeding.


Sometimes you’ll need a little entertainment when home alone with baby and these are going to help you with that.

Batteries: For anything baby needs such as a swing, or a vibrating chair that doesn’t have a plug, you;ll want these on hand.

Books On Parenting: What to expect your first year is an excellent book to help you get through the first year.

Parenting Blogs: You’re likely going to have a lot of questions and Pinterest might be the place you go to get lost. If you want to bookmark some excellent resources, here are the best parenting blogs out there.


While you may be stocked up on cleaning supplies and trash bags there are some things you can do in the kitchen to make life with a newborn more simple.

Freezer Meals: Make your own or get a kit, but have some freezer meals on hand so you’re not scrambling to make dinner with a newborn every day.

Simple Snacks: Snacks that you can grab and go are essential. Think Yogurt, nuts, raisins, fruit.

Pantry Staples: Whatever your family has in stock on a regular basis, make sure to be fully stocked. Think bread, peanut butter, coffee.

Quick Meals: Anything you can make super quickly like canned soups, boxed macaroni and instant noodles are must haves in the pantry.

Disposable Dinnerware: For those first few days of your newborn coming home, you’re not going to do the dishes, so make things easy and get disposable dinner plates, cutlery and cups.

Once you’re stocked up on “things” before baby arrives, there are some things you can DO to make sure you’re prepared for your new hustling lifestyle.

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Preparing Your Meals

Preparing meals can be a huge challenge when you’re low on time and energy with a newborn baby, and unless you have some help it can be a whole thing that makes you that much more exhausted each evening.

Eating is a priority, so here is how you manage.

Prepare your meals ahead of time such as casserole, pizza, dumplings, soups…

Here is a great resource for preparing freezer meals ahead of time.

Declutter Your Home

While you are busy nesting, you may want to declutter your home and get rid of anything extra that’s laying around.

Prepare your nursery and put together that crib, but if you have no space for baby essentials then you’re going to want to declutter first.

This can take some time to complete, so make sure to give yourself a few weeks to declutter the home.

Why do this now? When baby comes home you will not have the time or energy to declutter the house and life just goes a little bit faster with a newborn.

Clutter can also slow you down, especially when you NEED a pen as you’re on the phone with a doctor, wouldn’t it be easier if you just had things organized and knew where that stuff was?

Clean Up The House

It’s a good idea to keep the house clean before the baby comes home. Of course you never really know when the baby will decide to make an appearance, so it’s a good idea to create a daily tidy routine and just keep on top of the cleaning to-dos.

Make sure to vacuum that carpet, wash the pets and get those baseboards dust-free.

No one said you had to do this alone either, get your family and friends to give you a hand with all the cleaning!

Get Your Affairs Organized

Make sure you have a plan for your other children when you go into labor, talk to your work about maternity leave protocols and have all the paperwork that you need for the hospital ready to roll.

Complete those insurance forms for the hospital ahead of time if you need them because you’ll be a little foggy and can make mistakes more easily after giving birth.

Prep For Mom And Baby

Have your hospital bag packed, your nursery ready, and have all the things prepared for the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

Life will be that much more simple if you’re prepared for your baby’s arrival.

Relax As You Enter The Final Stretch Of Your Pregnancy

The last few weeks of pregnancy are hard enough on their own, and you’re not going to want to run around and get these last minute things ready to go.

Try to start your nesting phase and preparations as you enter your third trimester and have anything ready to go a few weeks before the due date.

You’ve got this Mama!

Stock up on before baby arrives

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