Stroller Review: Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller


The Baby Trend Expedition is a better-than-average jogging stroller that receives a Best Value award for its pricing and performance. This budget-friendly stroller is the least expensive of the bunch, yet it still outperforms competitors with greater prices.

The Expedition received excellent ratings for maneuverability, weight, and folding size, as well as a good grade for simplicity of use. These findings make it a user-friendly alternative with features like a parent console and a kid tray that the competition lacks. Unfortunately, the Expedition isn’t designed for running, and our expert runner couldn’t use it because of the absence of suspension and adjustable tracking.

We believe it will be difficult for any serious runner to run with on a daily basis, but it is ideal for short jogs and parents searching for rubber pneumatic tires to navigate rough terrains. We believe that the casual runner will be satisfied with the Expedition’s features for the price, making it a stroller we recommend, but not for serious runners.

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Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Trend has been producing items for the juvenile market for over 26 years. They’ve been creating new goods for expanding families since its beginnings. Baby Trend invented the “sit and stand” stroller and the Snap-N-Go stroller, which transforms an infant car seat into a lightweight stroller. Diaper Champ diaper pails, baby car seats, infant swings and bouncers, high chairs, walkers, strollers, and a range of other goods for growing families are all manufactured by them.

For serious runners, the Expedition isn’t the greatest option. The Expedition is the least expensive stroller in the test, but it still outperforms several strollers costing almost twice as much.
Although the Expedition’s tracking isn’t customizable, the stroller we tested ran straight and without much swerving. However, if the tolerance on a particular stroller is incorrect, you could be left with a product that veers. When running at faster speeds, our stroller did drag to the side a touch, but it’s simple to back tip to spin the fixed wheel or bring it back on track. It also lacks an adjustable handlebar.


Folding the Expedition is a simple process. It’s a two-handed fold that starts with moving the side levers up and one pull on the under-seat handle. It features a manual fold lock, self-stands, and the front wheel may be removed for a smaller fold. Only a few items in the evaluation weigh less than the Baby Trend, which has one of the smallest folds in the group at 13,285 cubic inches and weights 23.6 lbs. The Expedition is simpler to operate, carry, and fit in compact places thanks to its tiny size and reduced weight, as well as the self-standing function.


The brakes are dual-action, which means they must be activated by pressing both pedals at the same time. We are concerned that parents may become complacent and forget or refuse to set both. The pedals are mediocre to set and release, and the underside of the pedal is rough, making them unsuitable for sandals.


Our extra-large diaper bag fit in the extra-large under-seat storage bin (above left). The bin is accessible from all sides and has the lowest maximum allowed weight of the group at 5 lbs. It includes a parent console (above right) with two cup holders and a closeable compartment, as well as a child’s tray (above left) with two cup holders that didn’t fit broad bottom sippy cups in our tests. For simple access to the seat, the tray swings up on one side.


With a tiny mesh peek-a-boo window, the canopy is of ordinary size. It has a mesh pop-out visor and can rotate forward for low sun or headwinds, but it isn’t large enough to cover over the knees and has minimal protection on the sides; it has a mesh pop-out visor and can rotate forward for low sun or headwinds.


The Expedition includes a straightforward 5-point harness that is simple to operate. It includes height-adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable crotch strap, making it very simple to modify. It doesn’t have cushioned straps, and releasing the harness requires releasing each side strap separately from the clasp, but it’s one of the easier alternatives to use.


This stroller offers a one-handed recline that is deep enough for naps. When the seat back is reclined, it features ventilation that may be covered when the weather is chilly. With a space between the leg rest and the plastic footrest, the seat’s edge bends down at a pleasant angle and is smooth to the touch.


On level terrain, pushing and turning is simple. It navigated our obstacle course without colliding with anything and without the need for pre-planned turns. The narrow width and shorter wheelbase of this stroller make it easy to turn, and the lower weight makes it simple to push. Off-roading is also simple because it glides over gravel and grass with ease. The handlebar is not adjustable, although it is covered in rubber and has a little upward slope in the middle. We like foam-covered adjustable bars since they are more comfortable and better for running ergonomics. The Expedition is not equipped with suspension, which makes it a no-go for serious runners.


The Baby Trend quality scores are below average when compared to the competition, which is understandable considering the cheaper price.
The cloth is tough but long-lasting. The stroller features a steel frame with some flex at the hinge point and plastic connectors where it folds. The frame is compact, shock-free, and all connecting points are visible. The plastic pieces are well-finished and fit tightly on the frame, and everything fits together rather well; nevertheless, it’s not as snug as we’d expect for a jogger. The Expedition has metal wheels with smooth tread and air-filled rubber tyres. The wheels, on the other hand, have a lot of play where they meet the axle, which generates a lot of vibration in the handlebar. 

This stroller is not the most comfortable for passengers or pushers, with a firm seat back that is unpleasant compared to a sling-style seat and no suspension. It would not be a suitable choice for long-distance use.

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