Stroller Review: Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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The Baby Trend Navigator is a twin jogging stroller that may be used side by side. This one-of-a-kind four-wheeled jogger is inexpensive and simple to manage, but that’s about all it has going for it; another Baby Trend stroller is superior. The Navigator is a budget-friendly double choice with tiny canopies, a difficult-to-use recline, and a storage bin that holds only 5 pounds. Except for the fact that it can accommodate two baby car seats, the Navigator didn’t fare as well as other Baby Trend joggers in this evaluation.

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Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Review

Baby Trend has been inventing and manufacturing baby gear for over 26 years, ranging from walkers to car seats. The Baby Trend firm strives to provide goods that are both safe and inexpensive for parents and children. Baby Trend was the first to design a Sit and Stand stroller, and its Diaper Champ diaper pail was the first to not require brand refills.


The Navigator is a two-handed fold with “trigger action,” which involves simultaneously pushing up on dual-side release points. The fold includes three stages, a manual lock, and stands on its own. The Navigator is simple to fold, and the unfolding time is approximately average when compared to the competition. The stroller’s overall size may make unfolding more difficult for smaller users.

With a weight of 39.7 pounds, this is the heaviest double stroller we tested. Given that the Baby Trend Expedition Double is 10 pounds less, the extra weight that makes pushing and carrying more difficult is difficult to justify.

When folded, the Navigator has a volume of 21,753 cubic inches. It is one of the largest folded choices in the evaluation due to these dimensions. While it was neither the largest nor the smallest stroller we examined, it did feature a thick fold that may make it tough to fit into a typical trunk.


The brakes are dual-action, requiring two pedal presses to fully activate the brakes. The brakes are mediocre to set and tough to release. The pedals are quite stiff, and pushing them up is difficult on the feet.


The Navigator includes a storage bin under the seat that runs the length of the stroller. Although the basket is wide enough to accommodate our huge diaper bag inside, the maximum weight limit is just 5 pounds, so it may not be enough to store supplies for two children. The back and sides of the container have access, however both have frame bars that limit unrestricted entry.

The back of each seat contains pockets, as well as a parent console (upper left) and kid trays for both passengers (above right). There are two cup holders and a covered centre compartment on the parent console. Taller things slipped out of the holders when strolling during testing, so parents should be cautious when utilizing the cup holders.

Both the adult and kid trays include two cup holders as well as a snack depression. Most of the objects tested fit in the cup holders, although taller things were likely to fall out. For seat access, both trays slide out to the side.


Each seat in the Navigator has a tiny individual canopy that locks open and may ratchet forward to shield the lower sun or wind. A medium-sized mesh peek-a-boo window with a hook and loop closing cover is included on both shades. The two canopies are superior than those seen on other Baby Trend joggers, but the smaller size is a letdown. The canopies only give minimal sun protection and do not cover to the knee when completely open and erect.


Both seats include a 5-point harness with rethread height adjustment threaded through two external loop straps stitched to the seat back for three height choices. The harness is simple to put on, a bit more difficult to remove and adjusts well for size and height. Although the crotch strap has just one setting, the length may be adjusted. The buckle buttons are hard and require extra force to press, yet the straps automatically spring out.


Unlike tandem strollers, each seat moves independently of the other for personalized comfort, and each passenger enjoys the same experience. The leg rest of the Navigator is cushioned, however, it isn’t adjustable, and there is a gap before the footrest. The Expedition’s footrest is broader and constructed of hard plastic, making it simple to clean. A plastic clasp with a one-side adjustable strap length is used to recline the seatbacks. The buckle is strong and takes two hands to operate. It can be difficult to shift the strap, which requires one hand to hold the plastic end while the other threads the strap through the plastic threading. Both chairs have a slight incline to them, but not far enough to be ideal for napping.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Navigator is only compatible with Baby Trend car seats, although it can accommodate up to two infant seats. The car seats are installed using the kid trays, and there are no alternative adapters available for other manufacturers of seats. The Flex-Loc, EZ Flex-Loc, EZ Flex-Loc 32, EZ Loc, Inertia, Secure Snap Tech 32 and 35 are all Baby Trend compatible chairs. With a click, the seats lock into the tray cup holders and face the rear of the stroller seats. When the car seat handle is moved all the way back over the head of the car seat, the stroller canopies may be used in combination with it. As a secondary attachment, the chairs must be attached with an elastic strap on the sides.

Because of the second phase, the seats have a lower than usual ease of attachment and removal. They don’t seem particularly secure once attached, which is disappointing for a native brand seat that, in our opinion, should feel like an integral part of the stroller rather than an afterthought.


The Navigator features air-filled rubber tyres, but its four-wheel design and greater dimensions make it difficult to steer. We had difficulties getting this stroller through a 32-inch doorway since it is so big. It handles well, but not as well as the three-wheeled Baby Trend Expedition Double, and the larger width makes tighter bends and congested places difficult. Pushing over grass and gravel is pretty straightforward, although turning on these terrain is more difficult than any of the other jogging styles in our study. With the flick of a button, the front wheels lock in place, which helps with uneven terrain and running, but it doesn’t help with turning, which is the actual issue here.

The Navigator sports a two-wheel front shock system and a fixed handlebar. The sling-style seat and padded seat bottom will give some comfort for passengers, but we believe that all joggers should have all-wheel suspension. For passengers or pushers, this stroller is probably not the most pleasant mode of transportation.


Given the higher price tag, the Navigator quality score is greater than the other Baby Trend strollers we evaluated in this study. It is, nevertheless, not as expensive as other strollers with comparable pricing.

The Navigator’s materials are somewhat superior to those found on other Baby Trend strollers; the cloth is tighter woven, the piping is better, the stitching is finer, and the padding is thicker. With stronger connections and less flex than the Baby Trend alternatives, the overall look is superior. However, when compared to the competition, it is clear that it is merely mediocre.

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