Stroller Review: Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

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BOB’s most popular jogger, the Revolution Flex 3.0, has been updated. This stylish, all-terrain alternative is easy to push and spin, much like previous models, but it has additional storage convenience features, making it more easier to use as an everyday stroller.

This stroller’s adjustable tracking, suspension, and handlebar make it ideal for the pusher, while the cushioned seat, large canopy, and inside pockets make it a pleasant trip for passengers. This is a huge and hefty choice that might be difficult to move and store. It’s a good idea to test one out before buying or to buy from a store like Amazon that has a liberal return policy in case it doesn’t fit in your space. This tried and the true quality stroller has a lot to offer, and we think most families will like what the 3.0 has to offer.

BOB (Beast of Burden Company) was founded in California by Philip Novotny and Roger Malinowski in 1994. Yak bike trailers were invented before strollers by a cycling expert and an aviation technician. Following the birth of their children, the two required a new style of the stroller, therefore the BOB Sport Utility was created. In 2005, they were the first to add a lockable swivel wheel to a jogger. BOB was bought by Britax in 2011.

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Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller Review

How Easy Is It To Use

The Revolution 3.0 is simple to operate and has a few additional capabilities over the Revolution 2.0 that make it more practical for everyday usage.

Fold: The 3.0 has four stages and a two-hand fold. With two release levers (upper left) and a rear pull loop, the fold is simple to complete (above right). It does not self-stand and has a strap manual lock. It’s more difficult to lift and carry without a dedicated carry handle. Unfolding is a two-step process as well. The 3.0 remains one of the most inconvenient choices. It’s the same weight as the 2.0 and over the average for the review at 27.3 lbs. With a volume of 14,748 cubic inches, it folds somewhat bigger than the previous edition. This folded size is the biggest of the bunch, making it unsuitable for individuals with smaller trunks or restricted living space. You can remove the wheels for a smaller folded package, but this will not make a significant difference.

Maneuverability: The stroller with the 3.0 swivel wheel is one of the simplest to handle. This stroller excels at one-handed pushing and turning on hard terrain. It has a silky feel to it and moves with minimal effort. This BOB is one of the finest for off-roading. The 3.0 is pleasant to push across uneven and difficult surfaces like gravel and hiking trails, thanks to its jogger design, big pneumatic rubber tyres (with helpful tread), and adjustable suspension. If you need to travel over larger bumps or roots and need assistance keeping the stroller tracking straight, you may lock the swivel wheel. Passengers will enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to the adjustable suspension, padded sling-style seat, and rubber tyres. This stroller is also pleasant for the pusher thanks to the cushioned, foam-covered, adjustable handlebar that pivots for height.


For improved organization, the 3.0 includes a big storage bin with pockets on the rear (an upgrade from the 2.0). It fit our huge diaper bag, had back and side access, and a 10-pound weight restriction.

It doesn’t have a console, but it does have more back pockets, including a zipped pocket, than the 2.0 version. Inside the passenger compartment, there are additional compartments for food and toys.


The 3.0 has a larger canopy than the previous model, with a big vinyl peek-a-boo window and mesh ventilation. It also includes a magnet closing, which is a welcome addition.


The 3.0 has a five-point, cushioned harness. It’s simple to set up and customize. The crotch strap is adjustable and the height adjustment is non-rethread. The harness pull rings aid in rapid and painless modifications.


The 3.0 includes a fixed one-piece leg rest/footrest, much as other BOBs. The big footrest features a sturdy rubberized surface, and the leg section is cushioned.

Car Seat Compatibility

The 3.0 lacks conventional car seat connection capability, necessitating the purchase of an adaptor. The adapters must be screwed into the stroller frame and must be assembled. Once you’ve clicked the carrier into position, you’ll need to attach the straps to guarantee a secure fit. We’re concerned that some parents will opt out of using the strap, which is why we’re not big supporters of two-step strap installation techniques. The 3.0 is compatible with several Britax/BOB, Chicco, and Peg Perego car seats, including the Chicco Keyfit 30 and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35, which are two of our favourite infant car seats.


The 3.0 is on par with other BOB choices in terms of quality and is above average for the group. The strong canvas fabric holds up well over time and several children, making it a worthwhile investment if you plan on using it for a long time. The fabric is molded into the seat, leg/footrest, and canopy. The cushioned seat has some reflective elements on the sides, and the 3.0 storage bin has more fabric and less mesh than the previous model. The 3.0 features an aluminum frame with several tight and non-flexing connecting points. The 3.0 features a cloth cover on the folding joint, which is a new feature for this Revolution edition. The adjustable suspension, locking front wheel, and tracking functions are all functional, and the plastic portion is a nice touch.

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