Stroller Review: BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0


The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie might be exactly the ticket for outdoor-loving families with numerous kids on the go. This stroller has a three-wheel design with rubber, pneumatic tyres that make pushing and turning on nearly any terrain at almost any speed a snap.

It offers comfortable independent seats with passenger compartments and large canopies for napping protection. The BOB’s lockable swivel front wheel makes it ideal for traversing tight spaces or congested areas, and we think it’s at home on the trail or in the store aisles. It manages to be agile and simple to operate for a side-by-side stroller, making it an excellent alternative for most families.

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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 Review

The BOB firm, also known as Beast of Burden, was founded in 1994 by Roger Malinowski and Philip Novotny, who were obliged to join forces in order to produce bike trailers. After having children of their own, the cycling professional and aeroplane mechanic, based in California, saw a gap in the stroller market where a robust jogging stroller should be. The men spread the word about the BOB Sport Utility stroller and, in 2005, the lockable swivel front wheel. This change resulted in a more user-friendly, flexible workhorse that is suitable for running and everyday tasks. BOB was bought by Britax in 2011.


Once you know how to make it, the Revolution features a two-hand fold that is quite straightforward. It has a manual lock and no stand-alone capability or carry strap, which is a pity for such a large stroller. The fold is a series of 4-6 actions that results in a product that lies flat on its back. Unfolding is simple and may be done with one or two hands, depending on how experienced you are.


Single-action brakes with a plastic pedal placed in the back are featured on the Revolution 3.0 Duallie. With a sandal-friendly shape, the pedal has easy access and is simple to adjust and release.


The under-seat storage bin is roomy and accessible from both the back and sides. During testing, we were able to put a big diaper bag inside, complete with supplies for two people. Even with the seats reclined, you can reach the storage, which is not true of all competitors.

The mesh pockets on the seatbacks of this stroller contain things such as wallets, phones, and keys, however reaching them is more difficult when the seats are reclined. Passengers also have access to inner mesh pockets, which may be used to store sippy cups or valuables.


The Duallie has twin canopies, allowing each passenger to choose the level of coverage they want. They’re made of canvas and have a UPF rating of 50+. They’re also water-resistant. Each shade has a wide vinyl peek-a-boo window that extends past most passengers’ knees. The window cover closes with a magnet, which is quieter and more effective than the old Velcro alternative.


Each seat in the 3.0 features a 5-point harness with a crotch strap and shoulder height that can be adjusted. The harness is simple to adjust, however the buckle has been altered to mimic a Britax buckle, and it is more difficult to use than the old-school BOB buckle. In our tests, the harness was also more difficult to adjust for a good snug fit, and we are concerned that frustrated parents would leave the harness slack.


Each seat can recline virtually flat on its own, allowing for personalised and comfortable sleeping. Although the leg rest is not adjustable, it is nicely cushioned and rests at a comfortable, supported angle, with a handy footrest at the bottom.

The reclining adjustment is still the traditional plastic toggle with two side straps, which is simple to recline but needs two hands to rise. It works OK, but other competitors have a push-button design that is considerably more user-friendly.

Car Seat Compatibility

The BOB only accepts one infant carrier using a frame style adapter. When using the stroller with a carrier, the seat and canopy stay on the stroller, avoiding the disassembly needed by some of the competitors. BOB and Britax baby car seats, as well as select Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego models, are compatible with this stroller. The seat is installed in two steps: first by clicking it into position, and then by securing it with straps over the carrier’s foot end. We’re not great supporters of the two-step method, and we’re concerned that parents will miss the strap step on purpose or by mistake, potentially causing accidents.


This BOB can be manoeuvred one-handed or two-handed with ease. While it can get heavy when there is a lot of weight in the seats, it is still easy to push and spin over most terrain. Pushing a side-by-side stroller on flat terrain is a breeze, and the three-wheel tricycle design, combined with air-filled rubber tyres, provides a device that can turn on a dime without any thinking.

Traditionally, side-by-side strollers struggle in tight areas or turning, but this stroller’s single front wheel allows it to make tight bends. While certain openings may be difficult to navigate, this BOB is more manageable than inline strollers.


In comparison to much of the competition, BOB uses high-quality materials and strong construction to create a product that feels trustworthy and long-lasting. The seat and canopy of the Revolution are made of a thick canvas-like material. It’s made of a water-resistant Poly/Dobby weave fabric with open-cell foam padding on the seat and leg rests. It has a solid feel to it, is snag-resistant in our tests, and fits well on the frame. The seat is padded with thermo-molded foam, and the stroller has reflective highlights. The Chromoly/aluminum 3.0 frame is powder-coated. Even with weight in the seat, the joints are tight and the frame does not bend. With polymer composite wheels and pneumatic tyres, the stroller has a robust and industrial appearance. The BOB includes a spinning handlebar with comfort foam cushioning and shocks that can be adjusted. Even if the handlebar is not the most ergonomic, it is comfortable to push even on extended excursions. Even though it lags behind the other high-end joggers, the 3.0’s overall fit and quality are superior than much of the competitors.


This is probably not the best stroller for you if you have baby twins or children under the age of six months. At least for the time being. Because this Bob only fits one infant car seat, carrying two might be difficult unless you intend to wear your kid in a carrier. It is not recommended that babies begin jogging until they are at least 8-12 months old (as advised by the BOB user manual). We urge that you talk to your child’s paediatrician about your intentions for jogging or off-road excursions. Because of these issues, the Revolution is an excellent choice for children of various ages who are able to sit without help.

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