Stroller Review: Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogger


Despite the “Ultralight” moniker, the Zoom 360 weighs just under 26 pounds, which is about typical for a jogging stroller ( Ed. Note that the lightest joggers on the market weigh in at around 20 pounds). Its metal frame is somewhat lighter than that of other popular joggers like the BOB Revolution Flex (which is a little over 26 pounds). Because the firm slashed 10% of the weight from its previous jogging model, Joovy appears to have named this version “Ultralight.”

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Joovy Zoom Ultralight Jogger Review

Joovy is a family-owned business based in Texas and California. It began in 2005 with the goal of developing practical and effective designs for everyday usage. They manufacture a wide range of products, from bottles to strollers and everything in between.

For serious runners, the Joovy may not be the ideal solution. Although the Joovy features a lockable front swivel wheel, it lacks adjustable tracking (something serious runners want). Despite the lack of flexibility, it tracks quite straight, however maintaining that straightness requires some extra work.

It also lacks an adjustable handlebar, making it difficult to use for taller or shorter parents. In comparison to the competition, it is ordinary while pushing and running with the front wheel locked. The safety strap is finer than others, and when not in use, it may be connected to the handlebar. It is connected low on the frame and allows the wearer to wear it on either wrist.

Ease Of Use

The Joovy isn’t the most convenient device to use on a daily basis.


Folding and unfolding the Joovy Zoom is pretty simple. It takes two hands and three steps to complete, however, it lacks an auto-lock or self-stand feature. With a draw handle on the seat and a release mechanism elsewhere, it folds similarly to other regular strollers. With two hands and two steps, unfolding is a breeze. The Joovy earned a weight of 25.9 pounds. This is neither heavy nor a low weight for this group. Full-size strollers are usually more robust than jogging strollers. The Joovy, on the other hand, is one of the smallest in the bunch when folded, at 14,515 cubic inches. By eliminating the quick-release wheels, it may be made slightly smaller.


When setting or releasing the brakes, they are single-action and difficult to operate. The pedals are quite rigid and are not suitable for sandals.


The sunshade is rather big and extends past the knees. Because the canopy is higher on the frame than the competitors, it is less efficient at shielding lower sun and wind. Although it features a large peek-a-boo window, the cover includes noisy hook and loop fasteners.


In a group with so many better alternatives, the storage bin is underwhelming. In comparison to the competitors, this bin is just medium, with a maximum weight allowance of only 5 lbs. We were able to get our huge diaper bag inside, however, getting in and out is difficult and only possible from the rear. A strap and low bar that runs across the trashcan further restrict access.

The Joovy includes a mesh pocket on the seat back as well as two mesh pockets in the child’s seating area. It also has a neoprene parent console with two cup holders and a covered pocket that is too tiny to fit bigger cellphones. The console can only support a maximum weight of 5 pounds. The console is detachable and may be cleaned.


The 5-point harness is one of the most straightforward choices. This harness is simpler to remove than it is to put on, but both are simple. When the straps are removed, they pop out of the buckle, allowing it to be opened with one hand. This harness features a crotch strap that can be adjusted and a number of shoulder height choices.


The Zoom has a short, non-adjustable padded leg rest. It continues down to a rubberized mesh footpad that should be easy to clean with a hose. The seatback reclining function is difficult to recline and rise since it takes two hands.


The Joovy is a lot simpler to turn and push than the competition. On flat, hard terrain, the Joovy is one of the easiest of the bunch to push and turn. It’s responsive, almost to the point of being too sensitive, since we noticed some tippiness while turning the stroller quickly. However, this makes turning in small spaces and navigating busy areas simpler. Pushing and turning over harder terrain is difficult, but not impossible. It’s a touch more difficult on grass and gravel, but it’s still better than a lot of the competitors. The front wheel appeared to have greater difficulty handling the larger pebbles, but the passenger’s ride was smoother.


Joovy’s fabric is tough yet abrasive, and it’s not as soft as the competition’s. The seat and leg rest aren’t as cushioned as we’d like, but they do feature soft straps that will be comfortable against naked skin. It features a strong frame with less flex than the competitors, but visible fasteners make the entire fit and finish appear crowded. This stroller has spoked aluminum wheels and pneumatic rubber tyres, with greater wobbling in the wheel linkages than other strollers. The handlebar is of medium size and height, with a solid foam cushion for comfort. For greater ergonomics, the handlebar might be bigger in diameter and bent.

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