Stroller Review: Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection Stroller


Mountain Buggy has been producing its renowned all-terrain pushchairs (ATPs) for 23 years, first on New Zealand’s mountain slopes and now spreading globally.

The firm, which began with its first stroller, the Terrain, in 1992, currently has a total of 13 pushchairs, one of which is the Urban Jungle.

The Urban Jungle has been there for a while, and it’s considered part of the Mountain Buggy’s “history.”

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection Stroller Review

However, the company has worked hard to improve the 3-wheeler’s design and create a sleek new version of its original all-terrain pushchair.

This new model is more akin to a spruced-up off-roader. It’s ultra-smart for city parents, but it’s also rugged enough for country folks.

It arrived practically ready to use in a remarkably small box, thanks to a smaller footprint – 102.5cm from front wheel to rear, as opposed to the previous model’s 113cm.

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection Stroller Review

The Urban Jungle offers all of the characteristics that parents expect from a real off-roader: three large 12-inch inflated tyres, a sturdy, well-built frame, and a large hood and rain cover to keep the kids safe from the elements.

However, the latest iteration has improved on these features to assist parents in going the additional mile off the beaten path. My daughter Hannah, who is 27 months old, enjoys a smoother ride now that the strong suspension is higher up the frame.

The movable handle offers a wide variety of settings, allowing me to securely traverse both a steep uphill forest route punctuated by gnarly tree roots and an escalator leading down into the bowels of Kings Cross Station.

It also comes with a new five-point harness, which I don’t particularly like. My 4-year-old Catherine was easily able to remove all of the straps at once with the touch of a button, which may have been an issue with an unhappy confined kid wanting to get out.

When Mountain Buggy was informed of this, they said, “The 5-point harness has been intended to utilize a 5-6kg force to release the buttons of the clip.” They also stated that having four distinct straps on the harness is needed for Australian safety requirements and that it allows you to clip the harness together at your own pace and eliminates the problem of your child’s arms being twisted between the strap loops.

However, I discovered that the four straps reload one at a time, which was tough with my two-year-thrashing old’s arms and squirming legs.

The waist straps were always sitting on and difficult to remove – with a standard harness, you can take out the upper half of the straps and the waist straps will follow because they are linked.

I joked that when the straps were loosened, the shoulder padding would come off – and then I lost both on my first excursion.

When it comes to pushing, Mountain Buggy’s new Urban Jungle checks all the criteria. Its brushed aluminium frame looks beautiful and is also quite light, which is crucial for long treks.

The car’s manoeuvrability is due in part to its smaller footprint, but it also has good kerb pop, which means it can nip up and down kerbs with no effort.

Because of the larger wheels and increased suspension, I was able to knock Hannah down a full flight of stairs while she slept, and there are no wheel trims or brake pedals to get hooked on the stairwell.

I really appreciated the handlebar brake, which felt reassuringly solid on steep slopes and was much easier to disengage than a foot brake in walking boots.


Yes, the spacious seat is one of the largest I’ve seen, and it would provide parents with years of usage.

The Urban Jungle includes a lie-flat infant option, is compatible with a carrycot (an optional addition for £139), and the larger seat back means older children will be more comfortable for longer periods of time.

Catherine, our oldest daughter, is four and a quarter years old, weighs 26 kilogrammes, and is 104 centimetres tall. Even though I was a little above the stated weight limit, I found the pushchair to be very capable of zipping through congested retail districts with a full load.

However, both of our daughters were preoccupied with tinkering with the retractable leg rest when someone else was in the stroller, and as a result, their fingers were squished between the wire and the seat.


Even though the seat has been tested for a kid up to 25kg, Mountain Buggy recommends that the Urban Jungle be used in a lie-flat position for newborns from birth up to 9kg.

There’s no explanation for why this occurs, therefore I was concerned about how much I should recline my 17kg child as she slept.

When I asked why, they replied that it was to prevent the buggy from toppling over by adding more weight to the back. In truth, I believed my two-year-old could safely sleep completely reclined because she was strapped in and couldn’t move.


The Urban Jungle includes a one-handed fold that I was able to complete with Hannah on one hip.

As a result, it requires two hands to unfold, yet it is easy to use. The pushchair folds to a size of 90x63x33cm when folded, although it isn’t that tiny.

I was pleased to fold the pushchair every time I got home because of the easy fold, but it remained a bulky piece of furniture to manoeuvre in my front hall.


When completely loaded, the shopping basket is larger than normal and rests a comfortable 10cm above the ground, so it doesn’t drag.

I preferred the two distinct zip compartments and the mesh side pockets on either side to a tangle of groceries, food, abandoned jackets, and other miscellaneous items.

For serious adventurers who wish to go on all terrains, it’s also simple to remove.

The smooth ride and ease of pushing will satisfy outdoor enthusiasts who wish to take baby on difficult terrain. The Urban Jungle will appeal to city parents who want to dress for adventure.

This is a well-made pushchair that should last a long time, no matter how rough you are in your pursuit of exploring the great outdoors. If you wipe the dirt off the heavy-duty waterproof canvas fabric, your sleek new wheels will still amaze everyone on the playground.

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