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Takin A Look At Diaper Bag Essentials For Dad

Takin A Look At Diaper Bag Essentials For Dad

The most critical diaper bag necessities for Dad are listed below. In addition, the finest diaper bag for guys is included. Also, for fathers, the best diaper bag alternative.

When a man leaves the house, his normal checklist consists of the minimum requirements. Wallet, keys, phone… and that’s about it.

But what happens when a father needs to leave the house with a baby? It’s a different story altogether.

A mom’s diaper bag is usually stocked with everything she could need in the event of an emergency. A thirsty infant will need bottles or sippy cups. A hungry infant need baby food, a spoon, and a bib. Toys for teething babies that are chewy. A sunshade for a weary infant in a stroller. There are even more clothes for a pooping baby!

I’m not trying to create a gender stereotype, but males, in my experience, pack less than women, from my experience.

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Diaper Bag Essentials For Dad

So, how do men’s diaper bags vary from mom’s regular diaper bag?

I wanted to share what I believe are the fundamentals with all of the new fathers and dads-to-be out there. When you go out with your kid, make sure you have these essentials in your man diaper bag.

Don’t worry if you were a minimalist before having a child. I’ve tried to make things simple for you by only giving the essentials and excluding unnecessary information.

I’ve also provided some suggestions to help you look nice when adding!


Okay, so the name gives the game away. The contents of a diaper bag should be – you guessed it – diapers.

But, let’s be honest, taking one isn’t enough! In general, three diapers is a decent starting point for a trip to the store or a meal. If you’re going on a day trip or flying, you’ll need to bring more.

Consider how long you’ll be gone and where you’ll be going before making a strategy. One change every two hours is a decent rule of thumb. You may change more regularly than this at times, and less frequently at others, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Plastic Bag

A diaper change may be nasty, and then you’ll have to deal with the soiled diaper. You may just toss disposable diapers in the garbage if you use them. However, keep in mind that where baby chose to defecate may not always be close to a garbage.

Diaper bags may be used to store all of the soiled and used wipes in an odor-proof bag. You may hide it under your stroller until you can properly dispose of it.

You may also keep soiled clothes, filthy utensils, and other items in little baggies. In those instances, though, I like to use reusable wet bags. It’s more environmentally friendly, and it’s one of those simple changes you can do to cut down on waste.


There’s nothing more convenient than wet wipes for wiping a baby’s bottom on the move. You can purchase travel-sized packets of wipes if you’re a minimalist. Just remember to replenish it when they’re gone!

Wipes have a lot more uses than you would think. They can mop up spills, wipe a filthy face, and clean muddy hands after a muddy puddle session, in addition to washing baby’s bottom.

We also carry a pack in the car for emergencies.

A Changing Pad

A changing mat is required for on-the-go diaper changes. We’ve all been in the position when we have to change a diaper in the back seat of the car, and bringing a changing pad prevents any mess from ruining your vehicle’s interior fabric (or your rental vehicle, as we have personally experienced on the side of a highway in Iceland).

Even at places with baby changing facilities, you’ll want to lay your baby down on your own mat for cushioning and germ-free hygienic reasons, since changing tables aren’t cleaned between uses and can be a bit nasty.

Many infant diaper bags have one built-in, but if yours doesn’t, bring a travel folding one with you.

When your baby is old enough to stand alone, you can typically abandon the changing pad in favor of learning how to change your infant standing up. We now change standing most of the time, but we have our foldable changing mat in the van in case a significant mess arises.

Baby Food and Snacks

Even if you’re only going out for a short period, having some baby food on hand is always a good idea. You don’t have a milk-filled bosom or nursing garments created particularly for emergency feeding circumstances as a father. As a result, you’ll need to have a backup plan in place.

You just need to consider milk or formula for newborns.

Keep breast milk in an insulated cooler or sleeve if your infant eats on it. It’s a bit easier if they’re on formula powder since you can make a bottle with the correct quantity of formula and then add water when your baby is ready to eat.

A formula dispenser, as well as pre-mixed formula, come in useful here. Pack an additional bottle of pre-sterilized water if you’re mixing powdered formula on the move.

Take a sippy cup of water or juice, a couple of jars or squeezey packets of baby food, and some snacks if your child is a little older.

Nothing is more terrifying than attempting to rush around a hardware shop with a crying toddler. A little snack might save you from a dreadful adventure!

Consider foods that will last a long time and are as mess-free as feasible when picking diaper bag snacks. Even though a banana seems like a great idea, it’s never enjoyable to find one that’s been sitting in the bottom of the bag for three days, uneaten. There’s also the risk of it getting squashed in the diaper bag. Gold Fish crackers, Veggie Straws, and squeezey packets of fruit and vegetable puree are our go-to snacks.

Make sure you have a bib and a spoon to accompany snacks and mealtimes to round out the eating and drinking.

Soothers / Pacifiers

If your child uses a pacifier, you should always have one (or three! – no joke) with you wherever you go.

They’re tiny, easy for baby to lose when you’re not looking, and they always seem to be at the bottom of the diaper bag when you really need to locate one. However, you should consider putting at least one on a holder (or perhaps attaching it to your infant!)


When you’re out and about with your kid, you’re usually the one who’s busy, while they take in the sights from the comfort of their stroller or car seat.

The majority of the time, baby will be enough entertained by watching the world go by or the colors that pass by. However, your infant may grow bored at times. One or two tiny age-appropriate toys in your bag will keep them occupied for hours.

They don’t have to be huge or bulky; a tiny rattle, textured toy, or sensory book are ideal for keeping in a diaper bag in case of an emergency. A stroller arch is a wonderful option for amusement if you’re taking the stroller!

A teething toy will also aid your infant if he or she is teething.

Extra Outfit

Accidents do occur. From diaper explosions to a messed-up lunch, we’ve got you covered. It’s also a good idea to have a change of season-appropriate clothing on hand for your baby.

You may not need to bring a whole new fancy costume depending on the occasion; an emergency onesie or shorts and a t-shirt may be enough to get you home.

If you’re being extra cautious or going on a longer trip, you might also want to include a second t-shirt for dad, since muck and diaper spills can end up all over the place if you’re not careful! Pack extra clothing for the parents and your child if you’re travelling with your infant.


A warm blanket makes it easier to go off to sleep, so having one on hand is a smart idea. If it’s really chilly outside, a blanket might help keep your child warm. In addition, if the weather is especially hot or sunny, a lightweight blanket can be used to screen the sun.

Blankets may also be used to wrap a baby, wipe up messes, and serve as a tummy time mat in a waiting area.

Bibs and Burp Cloths

Even when they are not eating, infants produce a lot of messes and slobber. As a result, a burp cloth or bib may help protect an outfit while also keeping baby clean and dry.

If your baby is slobbering and spitting up a lot – think teething – you might want to clothe him in one and have a dry one (or two) in the baby bag.

Diaper Cream

So, while you may get away without bringing toiletries, a tiny bottle of diaper cream can assist keep baby’s butt healthy and free of sores.

On hotter days, have a baby sunscreen, as well as baby or toddler sunglasses and a hat, on hand to protect sensitive skin from the sun’s rays.

Simple First Aid

A first aid pack may not be absolutely necessary for a baby, but it might be quite handy for older children who are mobile.

Accidents may happen at any time, and a trip to the park might easily result in a scraped knee.

In a pinch, even a few antiseptic wipes and bandages can suffice. A band-aid not only cleans a wound and stops bleeding, but it also helps my little one’s boo-boo feel much better, much faster! Bonus points if you use a character bandage.

Hand sanitizer comes in handy as well. Defend yourself and your child from germs while on the go.

Dad Essentials

You may pack your man necessities once you’ve finished packing for the baby. This generally consists of the essentials: keys, wallet, and phone.

However, the advantage of packing a baby bag for men is that you, as a father, have a little extra room for a few of ‘bonus’ items that wouldn’t fit into a man’s pockets.

So, on those nice days at the park when that blissful slumber offers you some unexpected spare time, bring a book or a kindle.

Perhaps some Advil or Tylenol (in a childproof bottle) for when naptime isn’t nearly so relaxing!

Diaper Bags For Dad

We didn’t get into the topic of genuine diaper bags for men. The majority of typical bags are big cross-body purses that ladies like. However, businesses have grown more conscious of parents’ requirements, and there is now a large selection of diaper bag backpacks for men as well.

Having one for each parent may guarantee that mom and dad are both prepared whenever the need to pop out whether you’re packing your dad’s hospital bag in preparation for delivery or taking your toddler to the beach.

Check out our stylish gender-neutral diaper bags which are awesome for dads to share with moms!

Bottom Line On Men’s Diaper Bag Essentials for Dad

We hope all of the parents out there found this post on necessities for your diaper bag for dad useful.

Let us know what’s in your daddy baby bag!

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