5 Important Things To Look For When Choosing An Audio Baby Monitor


When my first child was born, I couldn’t imagine leaving him in his crib alone himself. Having an audible baby monitor provided me with complete peace of mind, knowing whether or not he required my assistance. It shouldn’t be difficult to choose the finest audio baby monitor. I looked at every key factor, including pricing, range, and clarity, to mention a few. The audio baby monitors on this list are the finest of the best.

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What are audio-only baby monitors and how do they work

Audio-only baby monitors give audio through a speaker to parents but do not have video capabilities. Parents may listen to their child’s room using an audio monitor to see whether they’ve moved or made a noise. On audio-only devices, there is also no light to disturb your sleeping baby.

This allows you to sleep better at night while keeping an eye on your child without having to constantly peer into his or her room!

benefits of using audio-only baby monitors

The main advantage of audio-only baby monitors is knowing what’s going on in the nursery when you’re not there. If you’re using a typical video monitor, your camera will be switched off while you’re gone, but audio will still be transmitted to the monitor. You wouldn’t know if there were any sounds in your baby’s room because your camera is switched off! Audio-only monitors allow you to keep an eye on your youngster even when you’re out and about or asleep.

Baby Monitor Buying Criteria

Certain aspects are more important than others when it comes to the finest audio baby monitor. You don’t need all of the bells and whistles that come with some of the monitors on the market.


The finest baby monitor will provide you with a lot of range so you can walk about your house easily.

When your baby is sleeping, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get things done. (Alright, so you’d want to binge-watch on the sofa.) Is there a real distinction between the two?)

In any case, you don’t want to be listening for signals of your infant waking up with your ear against the door.

The ranges that firms promote aren’t necessarily the most accurate. When they say it has a 1000-foot range, they’re referring to putting the baby to bed in your backyard. The walls of your house get in the way of reception when you’re inside.

A 1000-foot range usually equates to roughly 150 feet on the inside.

It’s crucial to get an audio baby monitor with a large range. A long-range monitor allows you to roam around the house while knowing that you will be able to hear your baby over the monitor once they wake up.

Reasonable Cost

I’m considerably more inclined to seek a deal now that I’ve had three children. Nothing compares to a fantastic deal on a high-quality item.

Any of the monitors on our list can provide a low-cost, high-quality audio baby monitor. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to have the assurance that your kid is safe while they sleep.

When there are so many inexpensive monitors on the market these days, you don’t have to break the money.

The Sound Is Clear

When it comes to audio baby monitors, a clear connection is essential. Because you can’t see the infant, it’s critical to have a static-free reception so you can just hear your baby.

Second, you don’t want background noise to drown out your baby’s vital screams. You want to make sure you can hear the baby if you have white noise or lullabies playing.

Zero Interference

You’ll see that several of the monitors I mentioned include DECT technology. It implies you shouldn’t have to be concerned about anything interfering with a clean connection.

Nobody likes to hear another person’s voice on their computer screen. It may be anything as easy as the baby monitor from next door, but it’s not a good situation.

Furthermore, zero interference eliminates any annoying static or buzzing sounds. If the microwave is on or the vacuum is running, a good audio baby monitor will not be affected. (However, who vacuums when a baby is sleeping?)

Long-Lasting Battery

It’s really convenient to be able to walk about with the parent unit. I’d like to be able to leave it unplugged for the duration of my baby’s nap. You just do not have such freedom with displays that have short battery life.

When you aren’t using your monitor, make sure it is completely charged by plugging it in. The problem I have with most battery-operated displays is that they don’t have the battery life they promise to have.

Finally, whenever you need to get AA or AAA batteries, be sure they are rechargeable. Batteries are costly, and if you rely on them continually for your machine, you will have to replace them frequently.

Best Audio Baby Monitors

VTech DM221 Baby Monitor

With its DECT 6.0 digital technology, the VTech DM221 delivers crystal clear sound. The sound quality is superior to that of the majority of audio baby monitors on the market.

One baby unit, one parent unit, a battery pack for the parent unit, and power adaptors for each unit are included in the DM211 model.

Check to consider the VTech DM221-2 if you’re looking for two-parent units. You can purchase an extra unit for a little bit more money, which might come in useful so you don’t have to carry the same one around your house.

With a 1000-foot range, you won’t feel hemmed in by the confines of your baby’s nursery. We propose many more long-range baby monitors in addition to the DM221.

You’re less likely to forget where you left it if you have a convenient belt clip. You know, in case mother brain takes over.

The five-level sound indication is one of my favorites. You can easily determine if your kid is awake or if they are merely making beautiful tiny noises while sleeping. If yours are anything like mine, you’ll hear them giggling in their sleep from time to time.

You may configure it to only hear sounds after they reach a particular VOX level if you don’t want to be awakened up by every tiny sound your baby makes. You can also choose to be notified through vibration or sound.

I was pleased to find that it has two-way communication. While I don’t chat to my kids over the monitor all of the time, it is something I do occasionally.

Finally, the top of the baby’s unit includes a loop that may be used as a nightlight. I haven’t seen anything like this on many other displays.

The battery doesn’t always last as long when the parent device isn’t plugged in. Make sure the parent unit is connected to both the AC power and the battery for continuous use.

Because the audio quality might be poor, you’ll want to make sure your parent unit is within hearing distance.

Philips Avent SCD 720/86 Monitor


While the Philips Avent SCD 720/86 is more expensive than the other audio baby monitors on our list, it is a great option. You’ll only hear if your baby screams out for you since you’ve blocked out all other noises.

The Philips monitor, for starters, is fitted with DECT technology, which helps to reduce interference and provides a secure connection. Nobody is listening to my baby’s nursery, which makes me happy.

Second, it can keep track of your baby’s room temperature. This new functionality is fantastic. You want to keep your baby’s room at a comfortable temperature. A room that is extremely hot is especially harmful to babies. It will also notify you if the temperature changes.

You can converse via the parent unit and have your youngster hear you on the other end using the talk-back function.

The parent unit’s LCD screen displays all of the important information, including temperature, battery life, and reception.

The item may be left unplugged for up to 18 hours while the battery is fully charged. You may easily configure the monitor to vibrate to wake you up at night. This will save you from being startled awake by every little movement your baby makes.

Outside, the monitor has a range of 1000 feet, and inside, it has a range of 160 feet. There are warnings if your battery is low or if you are out of range.

It also eliminates the need for additional devices to clutter up your nursery. You won’t need to buy any more baby devices because it comes with a built-in night light and the ability to play lullabies.

The most significant disadvantage would be the cost. For around the same money, you could purchase a video baby monitor.

Furthermore, the light on the parent unit flashes incessantly, which might be irritating in the middle of the night. I propose covering the light with a piece of tape.

Finally, the vibration feature isn’t very powerful, and it won’t vibrate with each scream from your kid; instead, it will vibrate after a few cries.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

At first look, the Lollipop Baby Monitor may appear to be an eye on the side of your baby’s cot. This cutting-edge audio baby monitor comes with a slew of interesting features.

First and foremost, I adore the flexible leg. There’s no need to put holes in the wall for this one. Simply wrap it around something.

Second, the camera includes infrared night vision, which ensures a good image regardless of how dark their room is.

The webcam features built-in lullabies and white noise, so no other devices are required.

The camera can tell the difference between your baby’s crying and other sounds. If it senses your child sobbing, it will give you notice.

Cotton candy, pistachio, or a turquoise-colored Lollipop are all options to fit the decor of your baby’s bedroom.

You may use the app to keep track of your baby’s sleeping patterns. You may also use the multi-streaming option to add as many cameras as you like and see them all at once.

To use the Lollipop monitor, you must have a smartphone. In addition, you’ll need Wi-Fi to make a functional connection.

You won’t be able to get notifications from the camera if you set your phone to Do Not Disturb at night.

You’ll need to purchase the Lollipop sensor if you want to monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality.

I really despise having to pay more funds on a product.

The sensor connects to your phone through Bluetooth and sends notifications. I’m a simple girl, and this appears to be a little difficult for me.

Philips Avent SCD730/86 Monitor with Light Projector


If you are ready to pay the price tag that comes with it, the Philips Avent SCD730/86 provides a lot of functions.

To begin with, having DECT technology ensures that there is a private connection that is free of interference.

Second, it features a two-way speak feature that allows you to comfort your baby by talking through the monitor.

The monitor has a range of 1000 feet and will warn you if you leave it. It also notifies you when the battery is running low.

It effortlessly monitors the temperature in the baby’s room and allows you to set an alarm if the temperature rises or falls. You won’t have to worry about transporting it from room to room with the help of a convenient belt clip.

You may configure the parent unit to vibrate at night to avoid being woken up by every small noise. You may also decrease the lights on your device to reduce the amount of light that enters your room when you’re attempting to sleep.

The Smart Eco Mode extends the battery life while reducing audio transmission. The parent unit may be cordless for up to 18 hours on a full charge.

It also has a light projector, a night light, and five different lullabies. This benefit is fantastic since it eliminates the need for additional devices to access these functions.

The Philips Avent is a little pricey for an audio baby monitor, and lesser ones provide the bulk of the functions.

To get the user manual, you must go to their website, which is a huge bummer. I was hoping that for the price, it would at least come with its own manual.

You’ll get a brief user handbook, but it’ll only tell you how to put the batteries in and connect it in.

Finally, the lullaby only lasts 15 minutes before turning off automatically. As a result, you shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight.

common issues with audio-only baby monitors

The main disadvantage of audio-only monitors is that they can’t see what’s going on in the nursery as standard video monitors can. As a result, if a disturbance wakes up a baby (for example, loud music from outside), parents will not be able to remotely pan their cameras to view what has woken up their child (s).

Audio Baby Monitors FAQ

  1. Things to consider before purchasing an audio-only monitor?

    Parents must consider if they are alright with not being able to view their child before purchasing audio-only monitors. Parents may now purchase an audio monitor with both video and audio functions, allowing them to select whether or not they want to see their kid when he or she is in his or her room.
    So, before you buy something online or in a shop, make sure you know what sort of model would work best for you! If this is a new experience for you, it may be worthwhile to investigate many models before determining which one best meets all of your requirements.

  2. How to choose the best Audio Baby Monitor for your needs?

    Choosing the finest audio-only monitor for your needs might be difficult, but we’ve simplified the process for you! Here are some of our favorite audio-only baby monitors and why we think they’re great:
    One of the most popular audio-only monitors on Amazon is the Vtech Safe & Philips Avent. Temperature warnings, sound lights to let you know when noise is detected in your child’s room, and two-way talkback capabilities so you can speak through the camera from any place are just a few of the features that parents enjoy.

  3. Are audio baby monitors safe to use?

    Yes! Audio monitors allow you to keep an eye on your child even when you’re not there, so you’ll know right away if something goes wrong. Before being utilized by another person or device, all audio monitors require a password, which assures their safety. If you have any reason to be concerned about anything that should be seen (for example, loud music coming from outside), it’s preferable to have one with both video and audio functions so you can choose whether or not to turn on your camera in these scenarios.

  4. Can I hear anything besides my baby On An Audio Monitor?

    No, audio-only baby monitors only let you hear your child’s sounds, not any other noises in the room (e.g., loud music coming from outside). If this is an issue for you, it’s better to choose one with both audio and video capabilities so you can select whether or not to turn on your camera when there are sounds in your nursery.

  5. Do I need an audio baby monitor?

    If you are a deep sleeper, you will most likely require the noises of an audio baby monitor to alert you that your child requires your attention.
    You want to know if your infant needs you right away, whether you put them in their cot right away or wait until they’re a few months old.

  6. Is a two-way audio baby monitor the best?

    You won’t need to talk to your baby through the monitor right away, but as they become older, it may be useful.

  7. How long do you use baby monitors?

    The age at which you quit utilizing audio baby monitors is entirely a matter of personal preference. For my six-year-old, I recently quit using one. My three and five-year-olds are still using theirs.

  8. Can audio baby monitors be hacked?

    Audio baby monitors, on the other hand, are far less likely to be hacked than those with a Wi-Fi connection. Check to see if your monitor has an encrypted connection.

  9. Is there a benefit to audio baby monitors requiring Wi-Fi?

    When your Wi-Fi goes down, your camera goes down with it. Wi-Fi monitors are more vulnerable to hacking. If you pick a camera that connects through Wi-Fi, be sure your internet configuration is safe and your password is difficult to guess.

The Best Audio Baby Monitors Bottom Line

The finest audio baby monitor will provide you with the peace of mind you require in the middle of the night. With so many monitors on the market, deciding which one is the finest may be difficult.

The VTech DM221 wins the award for the best audio baby monitor in my view. You get all of the key features for a very low price. It only goes to show that you don’t need all the gizmos to obtain a good display.

Finally, while audio baby monitors can do the job, you may decide that you want to be able to view your child. Fortunately, there are a plethora of video monitors available.

the Best Audio Baby Monitors

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