27 Best Fine Motor Toys Babies Love

Are you looking for the finest toys for practising fine motor skills? We’ve gathered some of the greatest fine motor toys for toddlers, infants, and preschoolers, whether you have a new newborn or a busy pre-k.

When we talk about fine motor skills, we’re talking about the small movements and motions that our children do with their hands.

Fine motor skills are developed and practised from the moment a kid is born, and they continue to improve throughout childhood. It’s a crucial ability from the start, and having well-developed fine motor abilities is essential for academic achievement.

If you want to assist your child to develop fine motor skills by giving them varied methods to train and stretch their muscles, these toys for fine motor skills development are perfect!

Toys for Fine Motor Skill Development in Babies

Toys for motor skill development in newborns often focus on vision, hand and arm motions, as well as helping them to build the strength and cognition they’ll need to reach toddler milestones and play with some of the fun dexterity toys for older babies.

The bright and tempting rattles and balls that so many newborns love to grab and bring to their mouth, later utilizing them to pass from hand to hand or toss, are probably the finest illustration of hand-eye coordination toys for babies.

Eye-hand coordination toys that encourage your baby to grip onto items within their reach, such as their baby bottle, should be included between the ages of 4 and 8 months.

Stomach time mats and toys that encourage your child to roll over to reach different items and support themselves up while on their tummy to reach for objects also aid in the development of fine motor skills at this age! Small balls and items that they can move from one hand to the other are good fine motor toys for newborns.

Manhattan Toy Bead Rattle

Elastic holds this bright and colorful collection of wooden balls together. They’re entirely non-toxic and just the right size for holding. Your child will be able to twist, turn, and manipulate them in a variety of ways, which will help with motor development.

LAMAZE Stacking Rings

This toy, a modern spin on an old classic, integrates visual, auditory, and motor abilities in one package. The rings are easy to grip and have high contrast and vibrant color scheme. Your child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination will improve as they stack them.

Melissa and Doug Build an Inchworm

When your child builds this cute and colorful inchworm by joining the soft, squeezable blocks into a row, they will improve fine-motor skills such as gripping and twisting, as well as hand-eye coordination. Toys like the inchworm are excellent motor skills toys for children aged one year and above since they can be used in a variety of ways to provide varying degrees of challenge.

Green Toys Shape Sorter

This traditional toddler brain teaser is constructed entirely of recycled plastic and is free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, and coatings. While having fun, your child will improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, grasping, and problem-solving skills. Our shape sorter also doubles as a non-toxic bath play!

Playskool Poppin’ Pals

When your child understands how to control the various switches, you may watch each friendly animal appear. They will push, pull, turn, and slide them in order to build fine motor skills and increase their understanding of cause and effect.

Fat Brain PipSquigs

Fat Brain Dimpl Toy

This multi-sensory development toy is made of numerous food-grade silicone bubbles placed in an easy-to-grasp BPA-free plastic disc. The bubbles come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they may be poked and reversed to help with fine motor skills. This one was a favourite of ours from the age of ten to eighteen months.

Fat Brain Tobbles Neo

Your child’s interest will be piqued as they experiment with different ways to stack these unusual shapes. They will be learning coordination, grasping, problem-solving, and even physics at the same time.

VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board

This learning board has five lock exercises to help your child develop fine motor skills such as twisting, tugging, sliding, and turning. This colorful toy, designed for children aged one to three years old, teaches children about numerous animals and numbers in addition to fine motor abilities. Make sure you have three AA batteries on hand to power the music and light-up effects.

Motor Skills Toys for Toddlers

When your child reaches the age of 18 months, he or she will most likely be ready for a different sort of toy to improve fine motor skills.

Toddler fine motor toys promote the development of the pincer grasp (picking up small objects with their thumb and pointer finger), the use of their pointer finger (pointing at pictures in books or trucks on the street, for example), transferring and scooping, holding things, and using both hands at the same time during play (among other things!).

Sensory bins and playdough are two popular toddler activities that are ideal for training basic motor skills. Many toddler toys, on the other hand, might help them develop this ability, so if your child has a specific passion (like pirates, for example), go for it!

The following are some of our favourite fine motor skill toys for toddlers.

Spike the Hedgehog

This charming hedgehog’s thick quills are ideal for small hands. They may be taken out and put back in for coordination exercises. Each peg-hole is numbered for counting and number identification, and they are brightly colored for simple sorting.

Skoolzy Jumbo Nuts and Bolts

This kit, which includes six vividly colored bolts and six matching nuts, will aid in the development of fine motor skills such as gripping, twisting, and hand-eye coordination in your child. For your peace of mind, they’re constructed of BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free materials.

Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker

With three distinct pegs on which three different sets of colored stacking shapes may be built up in sequence, this stacking toy takes learning to the next level. Your child will have a good time while improving their coordination, problem-solving, and gripping abilities.

Skoolzy Peg Button Toy

This focus-driven interactive toy has a transparent plastic pegboard, 12 changeable backgrounds, and 48 chunky peg buttons to enhance your child’s pincer grip, problem-solving, coordination, and even pattern recognition. This toy is a hit with our kid!

Bizzy Square Buckle Toy

This colorful toy with a friendly face is based on a soft, fluffy pillow and has three different types of buckles to help your young one improve fine motor skills like the pincer grasp. Lifting the number flaps reveals adorable small hidden creatures, which they will enjoy.

Tegu Wooden Blocks

This 42-piece block set will pique your young engineer’s curiosity and inventiveness. It’s composed entirely of natural ingredients and is non-toxic. It will aid in the development of coordination, balance, creativity, and a rudimentary grasp of physics in your toddler.

Learning Resources Tool Set

This set includes four tools that are both simple to grip and operate with little hands. With these distinctive and colorful tools, your kids can scoop, squeeze, pinch, grasp, and drop anything from sand to mud to water.

Lego Duplo Classic Brick Box

This kit, which is built of larger bricks for smaller hands and is a wonderful method to improve fine motor skills, creativity, and visual-spatial awareness, is the ideal beginning to constructing Legos. This kit will endure through many developmental phases due to the limitless creative possibilities.

Skoolzy Peg Board Set

This big foam pegboard serves as the foundation for 30 plastic pegs in a variety of colors. They may be pinned to the board and then piled on top of one another to improve gripping, hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition. It’s an excellent example of hand-eye coordination toys for toddlers, as it necessitates a great deal of thought and practises!

Skoolzy Matching Eggs

Six eggs are the right size for little hands in this entertaining and creative toy. Each egg has two colored halves, one with a 3D shape and the other with an inverted shape that matches. As they try to match the egg halves by form, your child will acquire problem-solving skills through self-correction.

Toys to Help Fine Motor Skills in Preschoolers

When your child enters the preschool level, toys designed to improve fine motor skills will demand smaller, more precise motions (such as tweezers) and will begin to prepare your child for school with tracing and cutting exercises.

They’ll also be ready to handle more complex objects like buttons, having mastered locks and keys toys and latches later in their toddler years.

Fisher-Price Snap-Lock Beads

This toy, which has been a favourite for decades, is made up of brightly colored plastic figures that are simple to grip and can be connected together to make a long chain. It improves fine motor abilities, color identification, and pattern recognition in your child.

Coogam Beehive Matching Game

This adorable wooden beehive includes bright and colorful tiny bees that must be set in their color-coordinated places. When your kid uses the oversized tweezers to place the bees back in their places, they will improve their grip strength, coordination, and color identification.

Melissa and Doug Standard Blocks

This kit comes with a wooden storage container and 60 different-shaped blocks, allowing for limitless options for building and stacking at different stages of growth. It will improve your child’s coordination, balance, and inventiveness.

Wipe Clean Workbook

This workbook comes with a dry-erase marker so that your child may practise holding and manipulating the marker on each object as many times as they need to. It’s full of colorful and interesting images to trace, color, and draw.

Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads

This set includes two big strings and 30 large, colorful beads and is ideal for developing hand-eye coordination, pincer grip, and pattern recognition. The beads are simple to hold, and the entire set is constructed entirely of natural wood.

Melissa and Doug Locks and Latches

Four distinct locks and latches are shown on a board with accompanying illustrations, ready for your child to open. A traditional lock toy with a tethered key, two combination locks, and a latching lock are among them. This set is ideal for improving hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities.

Kid O Free Magnatab

This “tablet” is simple and amusing, with a lot of small metallic beads put out on a plastic board. The tiny beads are pulled into various shapes by the magnetic stylus pen, resulting in designs. Your child will learn how to handle a pen correctly, as well as develop coordination and inventiveness.

Skoolzy Butterfly Sorter

This clever toy encourages a wide range of abilities for effective learning. With the tweezers, your child may take the butterflies and count, sort, and match them into trays. Fine motor abilities, color identification, and organizing skills will all be improved. They’re also useful for learning arithmetic and as a supplement to the finest numbers books for pre-kindergarteners.

Should You Invest in Toys to Help with Fine Motor Skills

The crucial word here, in our judgement, is “toys.” Your child will learn by playing and having fun at this age, so give a variety of methods to play and follow your child’s lead as they utilize the resources you supply to refine their fine motor skills on their own timeline.

Of course, if you have any concerns about whether or not your kid is achieving his or her developmental milestones, speak with their pediatrician or your family doctor.

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