Having Twins? Best Twin Bassinet For Your Bedroom


Double the babies, double the gear! We rounded up the best twin bassinets on the market today to give you peace of mind when shopping for baby gear for twins.

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Our Picks: The Best Twin Bassinets

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center

If you’re having twins, you must be extra excited about all the love that’s coming your way. With all the extra joy, you’re also going to face some extra responsibilities and sometimes that means shopping for the right gear for twins to help make your life a little more simple.

To help you find the perfect twin bassinet, we did some hard research and we found some really affordable and convenient choices for you to choose from.

Baby bassinets are an excellent item to add to your baby registry too!

Convenience is key when it comes to managing multiple babies and a bassinet might just be a critical item for you to have on hand for when your little bundles of joy finally arrive. You can move the bassinet around from room to room in the house or use it to travel to Grandma’s house for a day trip.

Regardless of where you use your bassinet, the main thing that it provides is a safe space to place your baby when you are not near your crib. Heck, you might not even want to use your crib until you are in a proper feeding routine with the babies, which makes a bassinet an even more essential item.

Here are the best twin bassinets that will help ease your parenting stresses.

The Best Bassinet For Twins

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins

This sleek and modern Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins is our favourite baby bassinet on the market today.

It’s new to the marketplace as of March 2020 and we know that the Delta Children Company is a trusted brand that has not disappointed us before.

This bassinet is JPMA certified and has a z-shape frame with wheels that lock when needed.

There is a slim base that makes this a bassinet that can stand on it’s own or fit snugly next to your bed.

There are 5 adjustable height options to help you align the bassinet to your desired height.

With air flow and ventilation in mind, the sides of this bassinet are mesh material. The inside length of the bassinet is 13 inches.

You can place your twins in this bassinet until they are 15 pounds each or up to the age of 5 months (whichever comes first.)

There is a 1 inch mattress pad on each side of the bassinet and there are even matching machine washable bassinet sheets that come with the unit.

Enjoy extra large storage pockets for easy access baby essentials.

This is a high quality bassinet that is easy to assemble, and loved by many parents already.

Product Dimensions: 30.00 x 30.00 x 32.50 inches

Product weight: 29.2 pounds

Maximum weight recommendation: 10 pounds total

This item comes complete with 2 mattress pad fitted sheets. The measurement of each mattress pad is 27.6″L x 14.6″W x .8″Thickness.

Easy to move aroundCan only be used for 5 months or up to 10 pounds total
Mesh material in between babies makes babies feel closer to each other

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Another great option for a twin bassinet is the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center.

This is a bassinet that is easy to move around the home with locking wheels to keep baby safe when you are not moving it around.

There is a change table you can flip onto the top of the bassinet for a super quick, no hassle change station. There is also a handy organizer to help you have all the essentials that you need in one place near the babies.

The maximum weight restriction on this bassinet is 35lb which means your babies can use this item for as long as they reach the combined weight of 35lb.

There are 2 toys and 2 sound machines that are included with this nursery center and the sound machines provide a vibration to help soothe your littles ones to sleep.

There are mesh sides that provide ventilation and breathability for added comfort for babies a peace of mind for you.

This is all in all a great option for parents of twins, even if you have a crib and you need a place in the main living room to place the babies to nap, change or just place in a safe space while you attend to other children, pets or household situations.

Product Dimensions: 49.20 x 46.00 x 30.30 inches

Product weight: 41.3 pounds

Maximum weight recommendation: 35 pounds total

Sturdy and mobile A little more expensive than other options
Easy to wipe and wash
Has diaper change station
Can convert into rocker
Comes with 2 toys and sound machines with soothing sounds, vibrations, and a nightlight
Mesh walls for breath ability
Easy to fold and store – great for travel

Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center

*please note this is not the complete set – just the bassinet attachment. Playard sold separately*

If you’re looking for an excellent twin bassinet, the Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center is a great option too.

The two bassinet areas are separated by a divider that zips in place easily when needed.

The surface of the center is water proof and easy removable. The cover can be washed in the washing machine which really helps a mama out.

The change table portion can hold up to 25lb while the playard itself can hold up to 30lb.

This is just the bassinet system that is supposed to sit on top of the Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard which is sold separately.

The bassinet portion easily attaches to the playard making the transition from bassinet to playard to change table practically seamless. This is a great option if you’re low on space in your home, or do a lot of travelling.

Overall, together with the playard the nursery center is a great bassinet option for parents of twins.

Product Dimensions: 16.50 x 3.00 x 38.00 inches

Product weight: 9.5 pounds

Maximum weight recommendation: 30 pounds total

Padded mattress for comfortable sleepPlayard sold separately
Flip up changing station
Folds up easily for transport
Safe for overnight sleeping and naps
Can be used for one baby as well as 2, divider is removable

Guide To Buying Twin Bassinet

Why Do You Need A Twin Bassinet?

A bassinet is smaller than a crib and can be used in any room of the house. You can place it in your bedroom to make nighttime feeding easier or you can place it in the living room to make daytime more manageable.

Your new twins will love sleeping close to each other during the fourth trimester and a bassinet is a great way to ensure that they stay nice and close, but also stay safe.

A bassinet is very much like a baby crib, but because it is mobile, it’s an excellent option for moving around the home.

Types Of Bassinets

Co sleeping

A co-sleeping bassinet gives you the freedom of sleeping next to your infant while keeping him safe and sound. These co-sleepers don’t take up a lot of space and have adjustable heights to accommodate the parent’s bed.

Multipurpose Bassinets

The multipurpose bassinets are versatile and can be used in different ways. The benefit is that you purchase one product and then use it in many different ways. Some bassinets have the bassinet attachment, a change pad attachment, and later can just be used as a playard. The multi-purpose bassinets are great for supporting children from infancy until toddler.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Bassinet

Bassinets are great for using in different parts of the home. A lot of bassinets have sides that are nice and low to make it easy to place the babies down and some even come with extra features such as covers for the twins when they are asleep.

Bassinets are usually only useful for the first three months of your babies life, but those are the hardest months and you’ll need all the convenience you can get.

Here are some things you should consider when looking into a twin bassinet.

Ease Of Use: A lot of baby bassinets do come with pockets and storage areas for diapers, wipes, pacifiers and more. Some twin bassinets also come with holders for milk bottles and bibs.

Sometimes a bassinet can be made into a change table for a quick diaper change station, which comes in handy if you’re going on vacation.

You’ll want to find a bassinet that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Mobility: some bassinets are made to be super mobile and if you are looking for a unit you can use outside and that is easy to fold and transport then a bassinet that folds down and has wheels is a good idea for your needs.

Mesh siding: The best bassinets have mesh siding to make it easier for baby to breathe which helps prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Mesh siding also ensures proper airflow going through the bassinet which helps keep baby cool in the summer months and comfortable in the winter.

Canopy: some bassinets come with a canopy to block sunlight. This is especially useful if you’re one to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you are only going to use your bassinet inside the home, then maybe a canopy is not a requirement for you.

Age Requirements: You should understand your bassinet’s age and weight limits. If you exceed the maximum weight that a bassinet can handle, then you may not be using your bassinet in the safest way. Some bassinets can be used for much longer than 3 months, so it’s a good idea to keep weight and age limits in mind when shopping around for a twin bassinet.

Toys and Accessories: Some manufacturers create bassinets that have toys that hang from the canopy or detachable sound machines. When shopping for a bassinet ensure you are looking for one that has soft toys just in case they fall on the baby. Some bassinets play music or vibrate. and these are fun little extra items that could help your baby relax and fall asleep. While most bassinets do not come with accessories the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center does come with safe toys.

Extra Tips For Using A Baby Bassinet For Twins

When choosing a bassinet for your twins, make sure you are choosing a safe option that does not have any pointed or sharp edges and has a stable bottom and wide base for safety.

Small parts can be potential chocking hazards so ensure your bassinet does not have anything like that.

The mattress should be firm, smooth, and should fit your bassinet properly. You’ll also want to avoid any mattress that is more than 1.5 inches thick to prevent SIDS.

The folding mechanisms and legs should lock into place to ensure the bassinet does not collapse onto the babies while they sleep.

Try to find bassinets that have mesh walls for maximum breathability and ventilation, also to prevent SIDS.

Make sure the bassinets have a JPMA seal. There are some bassinet options that do not contain this seal and those bassinets are not up to safety standards and can be harmful for your baby. The bassinets that we chose as our favourite all have the JPMA seal.

Last but not least, please do not add any stuffed animals or extra bedding to the bassinet. If you require a blanket for your babies while they sleep, we highly suggest going for a sleep sack as a viable option.

The Best Twin Bassinet – Bottom Line

We went over the 3 best options for twin bassinets on the market today. Which one was your favourite?

We love the Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet for Twins the best. It is the most reasonably priced and is easy to fit by the bedside for easy access to the twins during the night time.

This unit is also easy to move around the home and while it doesn’t have a change table attachment or a very large organization storage basket, it does have a little pocket for your baby essentials.

All the bassinets that we reviewed meet all the safety standards and are excellent choices for your new twins. It all depends on your needs and lifestyle when you decide which one you prefer to have in your home.

Don’t forget to add this item to your baby registry, this is something that Grandma and Grandpa can pitch in to make your baby gear shopping a little less expensive.

The best twin bassinet

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