11 Options To Wear In Place Of The Uncomfortable Hospital Gown

What to Wear During Labor: Comfortable and Confident Labor and Delivery Gowns, Easy Access Clothing, and Birthing Clothes

I don’t know about you, but there are days when I don’t know what to wear despite having a wardrobe full of things. The occasion, where I’m going, how I’m feeling that day, the weather…there are so many things to consider.

How are you going to plan your “outfit” for one of the most significant days of your life if you can’t even figure out what to wear in the best of times?

Of course, I’m referring to picking out a labour outfit.

While you are free to wear whatever standard issue gown your hospital or birthing centre provides, I recommend that you decide ahead of time what you will wear during labour (and afterward for recovery) so that you may optimize your comfort and your caregivers’ access as labour develops.

Not to mention your baby’s ability to nurse and snuggle for the first time!

For Your Trip To Hospital

What you wear is typically determined by your stage of pregnancy. If the baby is on its way, you’ll probably show up in whatever you pulled out of the closet that morning. This is why it’s crucial to have your luggage packed for your trip. Make sure you have lots of comfortable alternatives to wear once the baby is born.

If you’re having an induction or a scheduled section, choose something you’ll feel comfortable in. Even if you’re invited to arrive in the morning, it doesn’t imply you’ll be holding your baby by noon. You could have to wait for many hours before you’re even ready for surgery or the induction begins.

You’ll need to change into a hospital gown before giving birth if you’re having a section. However, in the meanwhile, you’ll want something that allows you to move around freely. Plus, layering allows you to strip off and wrap up depending on how you’re feeling.

Why You Should Plan What You’re Going to Wear During Labor

Many women choose to wear whatever the hospital provides, which is perfectly OK.

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking, “Can I wear my own clothing during labour?” then this piece is for you!

Giving birth is, in my opinion, one of the most unforgettable days of your life. While this post isn’t about looking gorgeous at that magical moment when you bring your new baby into the world, wearing something comfy and functional on the big day may make all the difference.

And, let’s face it, looking cute is a plus, especially once you’re ready for your first family selfie.

Those of you who have visited a hospital or given birth to a child before know that if you don’t bring your own delivery clothing with you to the hospital, you will be issued a standard-issue hospital gown.

A medical gown, while clean and useful, isn’t recognized for being the most comfortable, with some being stiff and itchy.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need for the big day.

Before we get started, I think it’s vital to point out that several things might influence your labour suit selection:

  1. Where you give birth, for example, a hospital, a birth centre, or your own house. A typical hospital gown, for example, is not appropriate for a home delivery.
  2. Vaginal birth, caesarean birth, etc. For a C-Section, you’ll need to dress in a hospital gown. Below, I go into further detail regarding this.
  3. It’s alright if you don’t feel comfortable giving birth nude because of your personality and confidence.
  4. Some hospitals, particularly in the United States, may require you to wear their hospital gown.
  5. Your labor’s duration and progression As your labour develops, you may find yourself changing your clothing.

When giving delivery, most mothers wear a hospital robe.

It’s worth noting that in certain hospitals, wearing a hospital gown is required. In addition, certain operations, like as a C-Section, will need you to wear a hospital gown.

Wearing hospital clothing has numerous advantages, especially if you are having a hospital delivery.

Pros Of Hospital GownCons Of Hospital Gown
Hospital gowns are easy to discard when ruined with blood, sweat, tears, or faeces (the baby’s or yours!) since delivery is messy. As a result, your clothes will not be damaged.A lot of women complain that hospital gowns are not very comfortable
They feature back apertures to facilitate receiving an epidural as simple as possible.They aren’t the prettiest clothes, to be honest
It’s a good idea to take precautions in case you require surgery.They are one-size-fits-all and can be far too big or way too tiny, leaving you feeling exposed and uncomfortable.
The baby monitor may be easily accessed through the openings.They’re not constructed of the greatest materials, and they might irritate your skin.
It’s one less item to bring back to your house during this pandemic (reducing transmission of germs and viruses)
It’s ideal for skin-to-skin contact and nursing.

Unfortunately, the fact that you can wear whatever you choose at the hospital throughout your labour and delivery is not well recognized. You can wear whatever you choose as long as it allows your caregivers to do cervical examinations, monitor your baby’s heart rate, contractions, and blood pressure while you’re pregnant.

Clothes That Are Great For Giving Birth In

A comfortable labour and delivery gown to replace uncomfortable hospital gowns, a soft robe, non-slip labour socks, and your own recovery underwear are the mainstays on this list.

The gown and robe are the subjects of this article.

We’ve also included some extra items to keep on hand for your convenience, but you might want to check out our hospital bag for c-section moms and our dad hospital bag articles for more information!

An Old T-Shirt: When you’re in the throes of labour, you want to be as comfy as possible, so an old t-shirt will suffice. Look for larger rather than tailored designs, and cotton or cotton mix fabrics will help you stay cool. Cotton threads are light and wick moisture away from the body.

A Roomy Nightie: Avoid long-line styles because the additional fabric will simply get in the way at key times – keep it knee-length or higher. Looking for a pregnancy nightie with buttons along the front is also a good idea. This will allow you to unbutton your shirt and have the baby on your bare chest as soon as they arrive, without having to remove your clothes.

A Bikini: Labor isn’t quite a day at the pool, but many women choose to have a water birth, so a bikini might be a wise choice. It isn’t necessary to give birth in a birthing pool. While in labour, you can take baths or showers, and wearing a bikini makes it easier to transition from the shower to the birthing ball to the bath to the hospital bed. Some ladies prefer a one-piece for the same reasons, but a bikini provides extra benefits if you just need to remove the top or bottom part.

A Bikini: Labor isn’t quite like a day at the pool, but many women choose to give birth in the water, so a bikini might be a good option. Giving birth in a birthing pool isn’t required. You can take baths or showers while in labour, and wearing a bikini helps to transition from the shower to the birthing ball to the bath to the hospital bed easier. For the same reasons, some women prefer a one-piece, but a bikini offers additional benefits if you just need to remove the top or bottom half.

A bathrobe, or anything similar, such as a button-down shirt or loose dress, is perfect for giving coverage when you need it while still allowing physicians and midwives easy access. You won’t have to undress if the midwife wants to check how dilated you are, and you’ll be able to retain your modesty. Similarly, it’s simple to shrug off the upper half of this outfit so the infant may be put on your chest right away.

Birthing Gowns

A labour and delivery gown is created particularly for expectant mothers.

They appear to be loose-fitting garments with plenty of room for a growing pregnant stomach.

Furthermore, they usually open from the rear to allow access for an epidural if necessary. As you go through your labour, have openings and closings along the front for fetal monitoring and easy access for physicians, nurses, and others.

These gowns are arguably the greatest item of labour gear you can buy since they provide a lot more comfort than hospital robes while still being quite useful. They’re also incredibly inexpensive, therefore they’re a must-pack item!

Baby Be Mine Gownies Labor & Delivery Gown

Forget about the scratchy hospital delivery gowns that leave your bottom out in the open. Gownies redesigned them to be more entertaining and comfy (while still being practical). This gown has been authorized by hospital personnel for use during labour and delivery. It has snaps (rather than hanging ties) going down the back, front snaps to bring the front of the garment down as needed, and full covering (read: no annoying adjustments every time you get up). It’s also light and comfy, making you feel better the moment you put it on.

Labor and Delivery Gown by Frida Mom

Blake Lively revealed her birth registry necessities, which included this famous Frida Mom labour and delivery robe. There are many of conveniences, such as snaps in the front for skin-to-skin contact or nursing, in addition to being very soft to the touch – not at all like your usual hospital gown. This gown features a full-coverage back that won’t leave you exposed every time you get up to use the toilet, which is ideal for more modest parents who are self-conscious about the open backs of standard hospital gowns.

Motherhood Maternity Labor, Delivery & Nursing Gown

Fetal monitoring, an epidural, IV access, and nursing are all feasible in this cotton-meets-modal (read: very comfy) hospital gown that beats the usual scratchy hospital gown. It has snaps in all the proper places (up and down the back and front, as well as at the shoulders) and a sleeveless fit for medical access, but it’s also simple and sleek enough to make you feel comfortable going through the hospital hallways (because, yes, that matters). Perhaps best of all, this hospital gown resembles a cotton frock rather than a medical necessity, and the dark hue effectively hides any unpleasantness.

Baby Be Mine Labor & Delivery Dress

Pretty patterns, a breezy, on-or-off design, and a flattering (and adjustable!) empire waist characterise this easy-to-wear dress. Even better: All of the company’s goods are created by parents who know what they’d want from a dress like this, so you can rest certain that every little detail — snaps in the back and on both sides, a discreet front flap, and a flattering sewn-in empire waist — has been taken into account.

Ginkana Maternity Labor Delivery Gown

Who says you can’t be attractive while being comfortable? This Ginkana maternity gown will make you feel like a million bucks while you’re in the hospital. The gown has all of the necessary features for a labour and delivery gown, including front snaps for breastfeeding, back snaps for inspection or an epidural, and comfortable fabric. Plus, because the pillowcases are matched, you may bring your favourite pillow from home to match on your special day while being comfy.

My Bella Mama Delivery Gown

This garment has the same general form as a hospital gown (except, thank god, it’s entirely covered on the back), but it’s made of cotton, making it far more comfortable than the one the doctor provides you. Expect all of the necessities, too: a front slit with a tie-up closure, shoulders that snap off fully if you need an IV, and snap closures up the back for access (but also privacy).

Peauty Cotton Labor & Delivery Hospital Gown

This 100% cotton robe will keep you warm and comfy. The gown has four distinct designs to select from, including front panels for skin-to-skin contact and nursing, full back snaps for simple access to medical tests and an epidural, and front panels for skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding. Plus, because fitting during pregnancy may be tricky, the company’s very comprehensive size guide comes in handy. The main drawback is that sizes are grouped together, leaving you with only two options.

Ekouaer Nursing and Delivery Nightdress

Mamas who like a more understated style will appreciate this solid gown (available in a variety of hues including black, navy, and deep red) that is also quite practical, with side buttons and buttons that run the length of the back. From the first contraction to postpartum nursing sessions, the relaxed fit will keep you comfortable.

Birthing Skirts

Wrap Style Birthing skirt

A birthing skirt is a good alternative to a robe or gown.

These are becoming increasingly popular among women who would like to wear a more supportive sports bra or nursing bra on top, but yet want to keep their modesty while waiting for their baby to arrive.

Mommy and Me Sets

Why not pair up with your new arrival? Check out these matching designs in the smaller form for your new baby’s labour and delivery gowns!

SVTEOKO Mommy And Me Set

It’s been a long and exciting journey, but you’ve finally reached your destination. You are now the proud parent of an adorable baby! There is so much to do in this new phase of life, with all the preparations for bringing home that perfect bundle of joy. But one thing can be done before anything else – cute up your nursery! New parents always have enough on their plate without worrying about decorating too, which is why we offer such a wide variety at Moms & More Baby Boutique. We carry everything from crib bedding sets to designer furniture and more – all while staying committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service. Whether it’s time for some bigger clothes or just looking forward to getting back into shape after

PRETYZOOM Maternity Robe and Matching Baby Swaddle Blanket

If you’re looking for a beautiful, comfortable robe that will suit any occasion and make your friends, family members or mother feel like royalty during her pregnancy then look no further. This elegant maternity robe is made of pure cotton material which feels soft to the touch and it comes with matching baby swaddle blanket and headband so both mommy and baby are eye-catching! It’s easy to take on off thanks to its ties at the shoulders while staying in place with adjustable straps. The best part? You don’t have to worry about getting this gift wrong because it can be given as a present without worrying about size – just purchase according to mommy’s pre-pregnancy weight! Get one today before they sell out by clicking below

What Else to Wear for Giving Birth

Hospital Socks for Labor

You’ll also need something to keep your toes toasty while you’re in the hospital. Slippers are an option for walking on the cold tiled floors, but socks can also be used if your legs are raised in stirrups. For strolling through hospital hallways, we use socks with non-slip soles. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why we like them right here!

Postpartum Undies

In my view, the Bodily Undies are a must-have. You’ll thank me if you use them instead of the hospital’s mesh underwear.

These soft underwear have a boy-short design for a comfortable fit around the waist. They don’t provide a lot of support for your butt, but they do come up high over your stomach, making them ideal for post-c-section deliveries. They also firmly retain maxi-pads.

Recovery Kits

Your body will feel like it has been through a war after childbirth! Cesarean and vaginal deliveries each have their own set of problems and recovery concerns, but these fantastic post-labour packages can help to heal and soothe!

Frida Mom Recovery Kit

What to Wear During Labor and Delivery

Bottom line: wear what makes you feel like the strong, confident, and beautiful woman you are when you’re giving birth. Wear (or don’t wear) clothing that will improve your labour experience. Remember that you have a choice, and the more confident you are on the inside and out, the more likely you are to have a better result and enjoy your labouring and delivering experience. The decision over what to wear that day may turn out to be the most trivial, but labouring in your own clothing might be the first step toward a more powerful labour and birth.

I hope this list of items to pack in your hospital suitcase for when push day finally arrives has been helpful! After all, your comfort is the most essential thing, and while giving birth to a new person isn’t easy, you can at least do it in the nicest possible clothing for the task, ones that keep you fashionable and cozy.

If you believe this post about what to wear during labour would be helpful to any other pregnant women in your life, please share it with them as well!

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