13 Things You Need To Have If you’re Having A Winter Newborn

A list of winter newborn necessities to help new parents who are having a new baby in the late fall, winter or early spring survive harsh conditions with ease.

Do you live in a winter wonderland and are having a winter newborn? Winter weather can be so harsh for adults, so we need to make sure that our little babies are bundles up real nice when facing the snowy cold conditions of winter.

We want to avoid our little ones getting a cold, or feeling too frozen when out for a stroll in our trendy jogging strollers – because those are the kinds you need for rough terrain that icy sidewalks offer.

As a general rule, you don’t want to overheat your baby by over-layering, but you also need to not under layer them…so where is the balance?! As a new parent, that can be hard to find, so we wanted to share some tips and must-haves for a winter baby, just so you’re super prepared for all the things winter and your newborn has to throw at you.

Why Babies Born In The Winter Require A Few Different Must-Haves Than Summer Babies

Because winter can present some harsh conditions, you will want to dress your baby accordingly. Summer babies need less layers, but still significant sun protection, but the needs of winter and summer vary greatly.

Babies cannot regulate their temperature by themselves, so it is your job as the parent to provide them the tools they need to keep warm in the cold winter air.

The tricky thing about layering a baby up for the winter is to ensure they aren’t going to get TOO WARM. They can get overheated quickly.

You must also find balance between keeping the baby warm in the stroller, but also be able to keep them cozy and warm in the car where you’ll have the heater going and the environment is warmer.

Tricky isn’t it?

If you are having a fall, winter or even a spring baby, you must read these winter newborn tips so you’re really prepared and know what to expect.

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What Your Winter Newborn Needs

Let’s get down to business! Your newborn will need clothing, blankets, health accessories, stroller, carrier, car seat cover and hats, lots of hats!

Winter Baby In The Car Seat

Dressing a newborn baby in the winter time is one of the most tricky part of having a fall/winter baby.

Overdressing a newborn can impact car seat safety, so you’ll want to be aware of the layers if you are taking a car ride.

Avoid compromising your car seat safety by avoiding bulky clothing, and avoiding putting the baby in a jacket before strapping the car seat up.

So how do you keep baby warm in the car seat? A car seat cover like this and some blankets. Put the car seat cover on when you are not in the vehicle, and once you buckle the seat into the car, take the cover off. There are a few different styles of car seat covers, and you’ll want to choose the one that fits your lifestyle best.

Canopy Style Car Seat Cover

A canopy style car seat cover is easy to use and many parents use this kind! It is better than draping a blanket over the car seat because this cover can clip right onto the handle bars of the seat so that the cover does not slip off.

These covers are easy to use and fit most newborn car seats.

Car Seat Cover Bunting Bag

A bunting bag style car seat cover is a very cozy piece of baby gear that winter baby’s adore.

It’s kind of like wrapping a blanket into the car seat (safely) for keeping the baby nice and cozy.

Car Seat Canopy And Nursing Cover

A lot of new parents love the versatility of having a nursing cover and a car seat canopy in one.

These car seat canopies are thinner than the others we mentioned, but they will still keep the baby safe from the elements. You may just need to add a few extra blankets to keep baby cozy.


For clothing you’re going to need:

Sleepers with closed foot: Whether you prefer button-up sleepers or the zip-up sleepers, you’re going to want a good number of footie pj’s so your baby can keep warm and you don’t have to worry so much about socks.

Sleep Sacks: Sleepsacks or wearable blankets like this are a godsend when it comes to keeping baby warm in the wintertime while they sleep in their crib. You can avoid SIDS by not using a blanket or any other loose item in your crib. A wearable blanket is a great way to keep your newborn safe. These long sleeve sleep sacks are also very cozy, just be sure to not overdress the baby under the sack.

Long Sleeve Onesie: You can never have too many onesies…NEVER. Register for a lot of these because you’re going to go through them quickly as babies go through several outfits per day. You can get long-sleeved onesies in cute patterns, or just rock basic white and neutral, whichever you choose, you need as many as you can get your hands on.

Socks: Socks are a must-have item for winter newborns as they keep those cute little toes toasty and warm! Register for a lot of these as well.

Hats: You’ll want a good collection of hats. From basic newborn hats to hats with ear flaps, be sure to have a nice stockpile.

Blankets And Bedding

You’ll want to have a good stockpile of baby blankets when you’re dealing with a winter newborn. You may also want to consider keeping a few blankets in the car, because baby poop happens.

You should have a decent stockpile of crib sheets, because again, baby poop happens. You won’t need fancy or fuzzy crib blankets because you’re going to keep your baby safe and warm with a sleep sack instead, for the safety of your newborn.

To outfit your crib for a winter baby you’ll need:

Fitted Sheets: Whatever style or pattern of crib sheets you do end up purchasing, just make sure you have lots on hand (at least 6).

Mattress Cover: Mattress covers help protect your mattress from stains on your beautiful new crib mattresses, so it’s a good idea to have one or two on hand.

Blankets: You’ll likely get a lot of baby blankets for your baby shower, which are going to be very useful for a winter baby. Be sure to not use baby blankets in the crib, and keep an eye on your new baby at all times using a video baby monitor.

More Tips On Choosing A Baby Crib Here

Tips On Choosing An Organic Crib Mattress Here

Winter Health Must Haves

Keep your medicine cabinet stocked with these winter baby must haves:

Thermometer: We reviewed the best thermometers for babies to help you find the thermometer that will suit your family best. This is our favourite baby thermometer because it comes with a handy smartphone app so you can track the baby’s cold symptoms.

D-Drops: Winter babies don’t get outside as much as summer babies and they require extra Vitamin D. Your doctor will let you know if they recommend D drops for your little one.

Snot Sucker: As gross as it sounds, a snot sucker will be your best friend in the wintertime, especially when your little one has a cold and a runny nose. The hospital might provide you with a nose bulb, but they are difficult to use. We prefer these snot suckers instead.

Humidifier: Your nursery should be equipped with a humidifier like this if you live in dry harsh winter conditions and your furnace is constantly running.

Besides those baby winter must-haves, your little one will also need the basic newborn essentials, so be sure to check out this list or if you’re having a baby on a budget, you’ll need to check out this list.

What To Bring Baby Home In Winter

The home car ride with a winter baby can be a little intimidating. Newborns are tiny, and can weigh 5-8 pounds when you’re bringing them home, which means you’re going to want to be very careful with your fragile new addition.

As a coming home outfit you’ll want to dress your baby in a short sleeve onesie, a long sleeve footie pj, and a baby hat.

When you are placing your baby in the car seat for the ride home, you can snuggle in a blanket and cover the car seat with a car seat cover to keep the baby safe from the harsh winter air.

Remember that the hospital will not allow you to bring the baby home without a car seat, so be prepared!

Tips For Protecting Your Newborn From The Winter Elements

Because winter is a tough time and you need to take extra care when you have a newborn in the winter, here are some things you can do to help protect your newborn from the harsh elements.

Remember To Not Wear A Jacket In The Car: Buckling the baby up while they have their jacket on in the car seat is dangerous. You can keep the baby warm by tightly wrapping a blanket over them in the seat, after they are already buckled in.

Follow these winter car safety tips.

Layer Up: You’ll want to be sure you can keep your baby from overheating by being able to take off layers when the environment warms up.

Babywear: If you’re off for a walk with your baby, using a baby carrier is a good option for keeping the baby warm as they snuggle close to the chest.

Indoor Temperatures: Keeping your indoor temperatures regulated and not too hot but nice and warm will help your baby stay safe. When the baby gets too hot, they are at a higher risk for SIDS.

Moisturize: Keep your baby’s skin from drying out in the dry winter climate by keeping their skin will moisturized after a lovely baby bath.

How To Leave The House Less With Amazon Delivery

Let’s face it, leaving the house with a newborn is difficult, but winter makes it more so.

Keep your baby at home and away from germs as much as possible by utilizing these very awesome delivery services.

Instacart can help you get groceries right to your home without you having to leave the house, and can prevent you from overspending too because you’re sticking to a list.

Amazon subscribe and save is also an excellent option for getting diapers delivered to your home. Auto delivery of diapers can really save your sanity, especially when you have so much going on as a fresh new parent.

Things like grocery delivery and re occurring diaper delivery can help you stay home with your infant during the harsh winter weather and save time too.

Enjoy your new late fall, winter or early spring newborn and be ultra prepared with this list of newborn baby essentials for a winter baby!

winter baby must haves

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