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Do You Love The Woombie Swaddle?

Do You Love The Woombie Swaddle?

Woombie review – Zip-up swaddles are life-saving tools for new parents. Not only do they take away the guesswork of swaddling too tight or too loosely, but they also make the whole thing effortless. Here is a review of the woombie zip-up swaddle – one of our favourite swaddles.

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Swaddling is hard work, and can get unsafe if not done correctly. You never want to have the swaddle cover the baby’s mouth or ride up onto their face as they sleep.

The Woombie swaddles takes care of that problem.

Swaddling is also quite tricky, especially for parents of Houdini babies that like to break out of their swaddles.

The Woombie swaddle takes care of that problem too.

The Woombie swaddle comes in TOG .2 and 1.0 which makes this a great swaddle for environments that are warmer. You are of course able to use this swaddle if you have a winter baby or live in a chilly climate, just be sure to dress the baby in some layers before swaddling up for the night.

We love this swaddle because it comes in a mega-size, meaning it can fit babies up to 25 pounds! Although most babies do not need to be swaddled for so long, it’s a nice option to have if you have a 25-pound pre-rolling baby.

The Woombie keeps baby safe and secure while allowing them to have some freedom with their arms. Babies like to wiggle around in their swaddles, just like they wiggled around in the womb, often punching mom in the rib cage, they will have the same movements outside of the womb, especially in the fourth trimester.

The woombie swaddle comes in preemie, newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months and even 6-9 months. We love that you can use the woombie for every stage of your growing babies first few months, it’s super handy to not have to switch types of swaddles simply because the baby has outgrown theirs.

The preemie fits 3-6 pounds and 16-17 inches.
The newborn size fits 5-13 pounds and 20-22 inches.
The 3-6 Months size fits 14-19 pounds and 24-26 inches.
The 6-9 months fits 20-25 pounds and 27-29 inches.

Remember to stop swaddling when the baby starts to roll over!

The Woombie convertable offers 3 swaddle options such as both arms in, one arm out and both arms out. Great for transions!

The Woombie original is strictly for both arms in.

Each Woombie also guarantees easy diaper changes with an easy to use two-way zipper. Super awesome for those late-night diaper changes.

You may hear some complaints about the Woombie such as not enough options for colors and difficulty in zipping up a squirmy baby, but those are fairly minor in our opinion, the woombie is a great tool regardless of color!

As far as difficulty zipping up a squirmy baby goes, you’re going to have the same challenge with any swaddle, and a zip up one is much easier than Velcro when it comes to squirmy Houdini babes.

You can feed the baby while they are swaddled up in the woombie easily, however with the arms out option it can get tricky so you may want to unswaddle if you are in the transition phase of arms out swaddling.

How To Use The Woombie

It’s very easy! unzip the swaddle.

Place baby into swaddle.

Zip the swaddle up!

Here is a video for you.

Overall we love the Woombie swaddle! It is easy to use, effective and safe for swaddling your newborn baby.

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Benefits Of Swaddling

Swaddling your baby helps babies feel safe and secure, just as they once felt inside the womb. It stops the arms from flailing around and waking them up when they need their sleep, which is beneficial to parents AND baby.

Swaddling is an essential factor to baby sleep, and if your baby hates swaddling then you may need to grab a baby sleep class or a book to help guide your baby to love their swaddle.

Woombie Review Swaddle

(This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is really boring, but you can find it here)