Your Guide To Finding The Best Naturepedic Crib Mattress


Naturepedic is one of the most reputable organic mattress companies on the market, so you can rest certain that your baby is getting a good night’s sleep. Our simple guide to the finest Naturepedic crib mattress simplifies the process of selecting a natural crib mattress for your little dreamer. Say welcome to a restful and healthy night’s sleep!

You’ve probably come across Naturepedic baby mattresses if you’ve opted to buy an organic crib mattress (or organic kids mattresses, for that matter).

While Naturepedic has stringent criteria to ensure that your infant has a safer sleep free of hazardous mattress materials and additional chemicals, deciding which model is ideal might be difficult.

In comparison to a standard mattress, this guide will help you understand more about Naturepedic and its dedication to safe and non-toxic baby mattresses, decreasing your family’s chemical exposure.

It applies to full-size infant and toddler mattresses from Naturepedic. Click here to learn more about Naturepedic’s mini crib mattress.

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Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress Are Awesome

I’m just looking for a response to the issue of which Naturepedic crib mattress is the best. For most families, I believe the Breathable Lightweight is the finest Naturepedic mattress. It’s a 2-stage mattress with a breathable organic mattress cover that’s reasonably priced for what you receive when compared to other organic baby mattresses. Fitted sheet changes will be a breeze thanks to the lightweight mattress core!

Before I go into each organic crib mattress that Naturepedic has to offer, I’d want to take a moment to explain why I appreciate their products.

For starters, the firm is completely transparent. What you see is what you get, and I’m not concerned about greenwashing or having synthetic stuff sneaked in while promoting it as organic. Unfortunately, many traditional crib mattress companies do just that, resulting in goods that are merely organic in name.

I really appreciate the fact that the mattress is made by Naturepedic. They produce their own items rather than outsourcing them, and they do so in the United States.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that Naturepedic isn’t the best option if you’re seeking for a 100 percent natural mattress. Yes, they make extensive use of natural resources. And no, an organic crib mattress will not include any elements you don’t want, like flame retardants and other harmful chemicals, memory foam or synthetic foam, or any other sort of chemical additives that isn’t beneficial or safe.

Naturepedic does, however, utilize certain synthetic materials, such as polyethylene in its cover – I go into more detail about this below, including why I think it’s really a good thing that Naturepedic doesn’t produce all-natural mattresses (spoiler: it’s due to the necessity to waterproof crib mattresses!).

Naturepedic does provide safe materials for safer sleep, and the final result is a waterproof and stain-resistant crib mattress that is free of even a trace of dubious chemicals.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the differences in the many organic baby crib mattresses available.

Styles Of Naturepedic Crib Mattresses

Naturepedic’s baby mattress selection has recently been streamlined. You may now pick from three mattress lines: Classic, Breathable, and Ultra.

The Breathable Ultra is a mattress where “what you see is what you get.” The Classic and Breathable, on the other hand, require you to choose between innerspring and lightweight, as well as single vs. 2-stage dual firmness.

There are six different organic mattress varieties to select from, as well as an oval bassinet mattress and an organic rest pad that makes a fantastic daycare nap mat.

The three organic crib mattress lines from Naturepedic are as follows:

Naturepedic Classic

The Naturepedic Classic Crib Mattresses have a wipe-clean waterproof surface and the option of a lightweight support system or a Classic 150 innerspring mattress from Naturepedic. You may select between single and dual firmness if you choose the Lightweight. The single firmness mattress is firm enough for babies, while the dual firmness mattress features a firm side for infants and a somewhat plusher side for toddlers. There are three Classic versions to pick from, with costs ranging from USD $259 to $299 depending on the extras you select.

Naturepedic Breathable

The Naturepedic Breathable Crib Mattresses include a breathable surface that is detachable and washable. All Breathable mattresses include a firm mattress side for newborns and a plusher mattress side for toddlers. You’ll have to pick between Naturepedic’s lightweight inner support structure and 252 innerspring coils, though. There are two distinct Breathable versions to choose from, with costs ranging from USD $349 to $379.

Naturepedic Breathable Ultra

The Breathable Ultra Crib Mattress from Naturepedic includes a detachable and washable breathable mattress cover, which is an improvement above the Breathable series. It has Naturepedic’s lightweight support technology (rather than innerspring coils) and is available in two hardness levels: a firm sleep surface for babies and a softer feel for children aged 12 months and up. Only one Breathable Ultra variant is available, and it costs $399 USD.

All Naturepedic organic crib mattresses, of course, are produced from safe, certified organic materials that comply with the Global Organic Textile Standard. They’re also devoid of hazardous chemicals like flame retardants and toxic compounds / off-gassing emissions, which can affect the quality of your indoor air. Furthermore, they all feature a water-resistant surface.

With that in mind, here are some options to consider when purchasing a Naturepedic crib mattress.

Single Sided vs 2-Stage Dual Sided Mattresses

Only the Classic model offers the option of single-sided or dual stiffness. The Breathable and Ultra mattress lines are both dual-sided, with a firm surface for babies and a somewhat plusher side for toddlers.

The major advantage of a single-sided crib mattress over a dual-sided one is cost: the Classic Lightweight single-sided is $259, while the dual-sided Lightweight variant is $289.

Personally, I would select dual-sided over single-sided every time since it ensures that the mattress will last past the infant and baby years, functioning as a pleasant and safe mattress until your child is 4 or even 5 years old.

Innerspring vs. Lightweight

You may select between Naturepedic’s lightweight support core or more conventional innerspring mattress support with both the Classic and Breathable versions (the Classic 150 and the Breathable 252).

Which leads to my second point: what’s the difference?

The coils of a typical innerspring mattress are replaced by wavesupportTM. Instead of polyurethane foam, Naturepedic uses food-grade polyethylene plastic to create the “waves” (which is commonly used in lightweight mattresses).

Because “waves” are used instead of innerspring, mattresses that employ this technique (rather than innerspring) are significantly lighter – roughly half the weight of an innerspring.

You’ll receive considerably greater edge support with either option than you would with a normal foam mattress or memory foam. Good edge support, in my opinion, leads to a safer night’s sleep. This is because when your baby rests on the edges of the mattress, rather than compressing down, the mattress will stay firm, preventing the mattress from sliding away from the crib’s sides and perhaps creating a gap.

Are you looking for an innerspring baby mattress? Choose between the Naturepedic 150 and the Naturepedic 252.
The greater the number of coils, the better the weight distribution. The smaller the steel gauge, the heavier and more supporting it is.

You can choose between fewer coils and heavier steel or more coils and somewhat lighter steel.

Both are excellent, safe choices for your baby’s crib mattress, with a firm side that is appropriate for newborns.

You may select between the Classic 150 and the Breathable 252 if you want a Naturepedic innerspring infant mattress.

The lightweight wavesupport™ inner support core is used in all other variants.

Naturepedic Crib Mattresses are Simple to Appreciate

There are a lot of options to make when choosing a crib mattress, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Naturepedic is a good option if your crib mattress budget permits it.

All of Naturepedic’s mattresses are held to high standards, making it simple to buy within the brand. You may concentrate on other elements of the mattress knowing that all Naturepedic crib mattresses satisfy rigorous quality, safety, health, and environmental requirements.

There are eight distinct crib mattresses available from the business. They’re all excellent choices manufactured from organically certified materials.

However, with eight excellent alternatives to pick from, you may find it difficult to decide which is ideal for you.

We’re here to assist you.

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattresses are full of goodness.

The Basics: Organic, Safe, and Non-Toxic Across the board with all Naturepedic Mattresses
You may rest comfortably when you buy a Naturepedic infant mattress since they all have the same features:

  • This is impossible with a foam mattress because it is made from certified organic ingredients.
  • Non-GMO certification has been obtained for all items.
  • Materials are certified by the Organic Exchange at a level of 100. Standard for Organic Content
  • There is no evidence that any of the materials are harmful to people (MADE SAFE certification)
  • Low chemical emissions, such as VOC’s, are GREENGUARD Gold certified.
  • Verified to be free of formaldehyde
  • Are handcrafted by Amish artisans in the United States.
  • Comply with CPSC guidelines
  • Provide a solid, safe sleeping surface for newborns.
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is included.
  • For the waterproof surface, use cotton fabric (organic)
  • The design is allergen-friendly, and there is no latex or soy in the product.
  • There are no flame retardant chemicals in this product (while still meeting all flammability standards)
  • Fits well with regular American cribs.

Many of these characteristics make Naturepedic mattresses very eco-friendly. They may, however, make them safer for your infant, according to research.

Researchers discovered that when lab mice were placed on beds with organic cotton padding, they had a higher respiratory rate and fewer cases of airway irritation.

Meeting CPSC requirements, having a firm sleeping surface, and fitting snugly in typical US cribs are other Naturepedic qualities that may help minimize the risk of SIDS.

We propose matching a safe crib mattress made of natural materials with a non-toxic crib after investing in a safe crib mattress made of natural materials.

Naturepedic is proud of its five priorities. If we had to guess, most parents prioritize the same things when it comes to their child’s crib mattress.

There are no hazardous ingredients in this product.
Design that is allergy-friendly.
Wherever feasible, use natural, organic, and renewable resources.
Design that is practical (e.g. easy-to-clean waterproof cover).
Testing and verification by a third party.

Fireproofing Methods

Waterproof Crib Mattresses from Naturepedic
It’s reasonable to ask how this firm achieves this because they utilize waterproof surfaces.

Food-grade polyethylene, a material made from non-GMO sugarcane, is used on waterproof mattresses.

Aside from the apparent advantage of being waterproof, some of the advantages of purchasing a waterproof mattress include mold, mildew, and dust mite protection.

Any day of the week, I’d rather have a waterproof organic crib mattress than an all-natural crib mattress that isn’t waterproof. After a few mishaps, you realize how unsanitary it may get if your little dreamer’s pee and feces soaks into the mattress, even if it’s just a little bit. 

It’s worth mentioning that Naturepedic also sells a waterproof mattress pad separately. The mattress pads are waterproofed with polyurethane, which is not the same as polyurethane foam, according to the manufacturer.

Their organic breathable mattress coverings are now available for purchase separately.

Naturepedic mattresses are built with natural fire resistance in mind. They can fulfill flammability regulations without chemicals by employing materials that smolder rather than explode into flames when exposed to fire. Organic cotton, PLA batting, and steel innerspring are among the materials used.

Naturepedic Crib Mattress Comparison

We have to question when we look at the list of things Naturepedic undertakes to make its crib mattresses safe and healthy for your kid…

Shouldn’t all infant goods be free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and other potentially hazardous substances by default?

Yes, they ought to be. They aren’t, sadly.

Because newborns spend so much time on their beds, being chemical and hazard-free is extremely essential in a crib mattress. And, because all Naturepedic mattresses pass the test, you can concentrate on the specific characteristics you desire for your child.

Classic, Breathable, and Ultra are the three types of mattresses offered by Naturepedic. We looked into each one to help you understand the differences.


All mattresses in the Classic line include wipe-clean waterproof fabric made of baby-safe organic cotton and polyethylene, organic fabric and stuffing, and heat-sealed seams rather than glue.

You may select between an inner mattress core built of Wavesupport technology, which substitutes the coils of a typical innerspring mattress, or 150 innerspring coils, starting with that basis.

You have the option of choosing between single and dual firmness. The dual/2-stage features a firm sleep surface for babies and a somewhat softer feel for toddlers, whilst the single/1-stage has a firm sleep surface on both sides.

The Classic series from Naturepedic is the cheapest of their three lines, and it’s an excellent choice if you’re on a budget.


The breathable series is a step up from the Classic series since it has a detachable, breathable mattress pad that allows for more airflow around your infant, which the manufacturer claims improve comfort.

The breathable pad sits on top of the waterproof mattress; what’s nice about this is that you may use the mattress with or without the breathable pad, in case you have an accident in the middle of the night and need to wash the pad (you can also buy an extra breathable pad for situations like these).

All of the mattresses in the Breathable Series have a 2-stage dual firmness, making them ideal for a baby or toddler.

You may choose between 252 innerspring and lightweight wavesupportTM to personalize this mattress.

The company had previously utilized 15.5-gauge coils for the mattress and extremely firm 9-gauge coils for further support along the edges. They no longer include this information in their marketing materials since upgrading their line, but we expect it to be the same.

Breathable Ultra

The Breathable Ultra, like the rest of the Breathable Series, features a breathable and detachable cover. The mattress may be used with or without the cover, however, the Ultra’s cover is quilted, making it more comfortable and durable for your child. There is no innerspring option on this dual-firmness mattress, which uses the lightweight wavesupportTM inner structure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Naturepedic Crib Mattresses

Choosing the Best Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Choosing the appropriate crib mattress may be difficult, as I have learned from personal experience. There are several alternatives accessible from other firms, as well as from within corporations.

I hope this article aids you in making the greatest decision for your family. For most families, I believe the Breathable Lightweight is the finest Naturepedic mattress.

Also, please forward this post to any new parents you know!

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